Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crochet Rugs (Afghans)

My Yoga

Here is a gallery of some of my crochet rugs or afghans as some people call them.
I enjoy these as I can do them square by square as I travel or watch the kids play sport. They are my way of relaxing, my yoga without the funny positions.

This one is from the 200 Blocks book. I did it in Australian sunset and bush colours and I like how it turned out. I finished this one this year and have started a second one in plain black and white. I am finding the plain black and white hard yacka.

This one was a labour of love over several years and I dragged it out earlier this year determined to finish the thing. I wanted a light coloured cheery rug for our bed. The pattern is out of a book called Scrap Afghans. I really like this motif and had fun mixing the colours.

This one I made a few years back out of scraps of 5 ply bluebell wool. It is quite heavy and I added to it as I found balls of the wool on sale. This is a pure wool and quite expensive so I just worked on it over a period of time. Hence it is a bit of a hotch potch of colour. I cant remember where I got the motif from. Out of an very old crochet book I think? While the hexagon shape is effective, I hate the little suckers as you never get a straight edge unless you do a series of half ones.

And this one is my ridiculously bright rug. My kids reckon I was drunk or manic or both when I started this. I found the motif in an Australian handcraft magazine and it was done in bright colours for a baby pram. I liked the motif so much I went to town and made a whole blanket! I finished this one about 3 years ago. I started it for my daughter who refused to take it as she said she needed sunglasses to have it in her college room.

I currently have 3 more on the go. Drews Monet, another 200 block job and a 63 square project.

They are addictive and a bit like yoga. I am planning another one after I finish the current three. My thoughts were something in neutral tones ala beige, cream, camel and brown. It is now spring and yarns are getting cheap as the stores have their end of winter clearances. My plan is to try and pick up some suitable colours.

Rugs are a great time waster, and this is a sample of what I have done over the years. I have found them a good way to learn new stitches and experiment with colour. Thanks for looking.


Susan Wike said...

Your rugs are gorgeous. I admire anyone who can make all of those squares, motifs and yarn ends look like such a work of art.

LG said...

OMG I can´t believe what I´m watching!!! I knew about the first afghan, we were partners at the Cal, but I had no idea about the other ones!!!! I like the bright too! I like all of them!

Kiki said...

Cupcake, they are all gorgeous! I would say it's time well spent, not wasted at all.

StarKnits said...

i love those afghans the very bright one is awesome. i really LOVE the octogon one! you do great work. they're all wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love them all! Wonderful work! Adopt me as your daughter and I'll happily take the bright one(or any ohter) off your hands. Seriously, they really are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing. Beautiful, beautiful crochet.

Melissa A said...

Wow, your afghans are just beautiful! I especially love your hexagon one.

Wormie said...

They are so beautiful! Even hubby looked over and said that they are gorgeous! You are so tallented!!!

Linda said...

Wow! These blankets are awesome :-)
I especially love the last beautifully bright one
Nice work !!