Saturday, September 23, 2006

Crazy Christmas Crochet

This is a Christmas Series I have been working on for a while now. I had the idea if I started now in September, I would have a nice little collection by Christmas. The plan is to have a heap of little presents for the Secret Santas and gift gifting.

My usual style is to race arround at the last minute. This year I plan to be organised.

So based on my Crazy Casserole Topper Collection, I present the Crazy Christmas Crochet Collection.

I started with Santa. I mean what is Christmas table without Santa ?

I gave him a nice fluffy beard, and stuck to the traditional red and white theme.

It did occur to me to try some different colours but I thought I would stay with tradition. I guess he might still look like Santa in blue or purple as I notice from time to time in the shops they change his colour scheme.
Now of course Santa needs an Elf or two, so I designed the Elf in green. He has the pixie ears, and I added bells to his top. The photo doesn't do him justice as he looks quite cute sitting on top of the casserole pot.

Next came an Angel. My son says she looks like a Crazy angel... and I said yep that was the goal! I mean why should an Angel look like Miss Prissy all the time! This one has partied hard and has a bit of Christmas jolly in her.

This is Santas Reindeer. Imagine this on your Venison Stew! We dont get much venison here. I did enjoy a nice piece a few years back when I was in New Zealand.

If you look at the group photo there is also a turkey. I will post him up later as blogger doesnt seem to want to let him join the others in this post.

I also have a few other Christmas pretties in the series.
I am in the process of writing up the patterns. This does take me a bit of time. The writing, the testing, the checking and finally the translation of terminology from Australian to American.

Thanks for looking.

Please respect my copyright. These images and ideas came from my grey matter and I post them for you to enjoy.


Sean Carter said...

The idea is very sweet and amzing... Your collection is also very cute.. Check out some cool stuffs at this amazing Christmas Blog

Pyo said...

OH§ this series is lovely! Really adorable! It's such a neat idea and the details are so cute!

Awesome job!

Kiki said...

Very cute ideas, Cupcake! You are far more organised than I, I'm still thinking about last Christmas, never mine this one! :o)

Susan Wike said...

I love them! You obviously have a great sense of humor which shows in your work!

LG said...

I love all of them!

Anonymous said...

Too cool. I can't wait to try them. Thank you

DollbabeDesigns said...

These are adorable! There just isn't enough potholder designs like this! I love all your crochet.

Anonymous said...

love them, where can i get the pats?