Monday, December 08, 2008

Fragrant Frock Sachet - crochet pattern

I have called this little item a "Fragrant Frock", because to me "frock" is such a delightfully old fashioned term. I remember my Mum in Law once saying to me "that's a lovely frock" and one of my kids laughing and saying "what the heck is a frock?"
A "frock" does sound so very proper though. I can't imagine a floozy wearing a "frock". You sit with your legs crossed and sip tea in a china tea cup while wearing a frock. Ladies wear frocks. Men should open the door for you if you wear a frock. To me it is feminine and pre feminism.
A frock is defined as a loose dress with a skirt and a bodice. I also think of a religious frock or smock.
Any hows I did take the time to write out the pattern for the little pink oddity I found in Grandmas cupboard that I shared in my last post. I am sure Grandma is smiling at the thought of something out of her cupboard, and the term "frock" being immortalised on the web.

I did have fun recreating this, as it is so long since I made the first one. I have no idea what the yarn in the original pink one is but it feels like a baby nylon in a 3 ply. Make sure you follow the correct terminology as I have used both Aus UK / USA terms like this dc/sc. These could also look kinda cute hanging on the Christmas tree as I reckon Angels would wear "frocks".

Fragrant Frock
Australian UK terms first/ USA terms second

Lavender frock above measures 10cm/4in long worked in 4ply baby weight and 3.75mm hook.

Round 1: Start at the neck; 20ch slst into a ring, 3ch start then 43tr/dc into ring, slst join = 44

Round 2 - 3: 3ch start, 1tr/dc into each st around slst join = 44

Round 4: slst to between ch post and first tr/dc; 5ch start, 1tr/dc into same sp, miss 3st, into next sp (1tr/dc, 2ch, 1dc/sc) 4times; miss 10 then ((1tr/dc, 2ch, 1tr/dc) into next sp, miss 3) 5times; slst join to 3rd ch of start post = 10 groups of 2.

Round 5: slst to ch sp between post and tr/dc, (3ch start, 1tr/dc, 1ch, 2tr/dc) into this sp, then into each ch sp around work (2tr/dc, 1ch, 2tr/dc); slst join to start ch = 10 shells.

Rounds 6, 7, 8: as for round 5

Round 9: slst to ch space, 3ch start, 4tr/dc into first sp, then 5tr/dc into each ch sp around, slst join.

Join Bottom: Fold your frock in half so that your thread is on the right corner, match front and back shells and work through both sides 1dc/sc next 2st, into next st *(1dc/sc, 2ch, 1slst into dc/sc) this is a picot, 1dc/sc next 4st* repeat from *-* finish with 1dc/sc next 2st slst finish, weave in end = 5 picots

Join yarn at half way point on neck, 15ch then slst join to opposite side of neck, weave in ends.
Add a bow, pop some fragrant wooden balls into your frock, and loop on a hanger in the cupboard.
Moth balls tickle my nose, however I like the smell of cedar balls or some of the little fragrant soaps that are available.

These make great little charity fundraisers or gifts for a bit of yesteryear. Have fun making them!
(c) crochetroo Australia protected by copyright. Please do not reproduce my patterns or images by any means. While I am happy for you to make these for personal use, gifts and limited charity fundraising, please do not sell on the web or sell to make a personal profit.