Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Down Under Festive Ornaments

Summer has really hit us here which means Christmas is just around the corner. Growing up in Queensland I could never as a child understand certain images of Christmas. I loathe and detest spray on snow, and I am not a big fan of snowmen. They probably look fabulous in the Swiss Alps, or snowy Canada, but to have an artificial snowman on your front lawn in the sweltering sun in Australia is kinda silly. I reckon snowmen and gum trees don't mix well!
As for spray on snow I had an Auntie who sprayed snow on her windows with those stencil things. I can remember the snow flakes still being there when we visited at Easter. One of those activities that is easier to do than to undo.
I always feel sorry for the Santa's here as well. I remember one bloke one year who was so hot in his Santa Suit he was a wash with perspiration. Being on the large side I was a bit worried he might have a stroke.

How the heck does Santa get around Australia in a sled? And when he visits our place he has to land his reindeer on the back veranda as we don't have a chimney. The reindeer's like it and we always leave a bowl of water and some grass out for them, as well as a cold drink for Santa.
The neighbours leave him beer and nuts but I reckon he shouldn't drink and drive. I would hate for Santa to get pulled over in Surfers Paradise for a rbt (random breath test) by the booze bus.
It wasn't until I was in my teens that I quite understood what Jingle Bells was about and what "dashing through the snow" meant! Holly is also foreign to me. I had to go to England to see what it really looked like. I must say I was a bit disappointed in it! The colours and the glitter on the plastic stuff had exaggerated its appeal. While I think crochet snowflakes are lovely, they are a bit out of place when it is 38 degrees Celsius ( 100F) in the shade!

So this year I decided I would design some Australian themed Christmas ornaments. No snow, no mittens or sleds and not a snowman in sight!

So Aussie icons are the koala, with a Christmas bow:

The kangaroo and wallaby with jingle bells and ribbons:

Some gum nut pixies:

I tried to make these look like they had little gum nut hats on. A bit like the gum nut babies of May Gibbs.

One of the most spectacular group of critters down here is our bird life. Yet the Chrissy decorations seem limited to robins and doves.

I decided it was time for some fairy wrens to go on my tree. These are pretty amazing little birds with a sticky up tail. The male is the most stunning blue, while the female is a bit drab.

The other group of birds that are always in the trees are are the parrots. Sulphur crested cockatoos and Rosella's. Both are incredibly noisy but beautiful to watch.

I really enjoyed making all of these and the patterns have been tested and are now on my etsy store. http://www.crochetroo.etsy.com

I have a few more to do as I want to attach them to some of my Christmas goodies this year.

I do love Christmas and I reckon you can never have too many ornaments or too many lights.

I hope you like my Australian take on the Christmas tradition.

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