Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bob the pet ball of yarn.

I think by now that some of you will have the idea that my sons can be larrikins. Well I found "Bob" amongst my crochet stuff in the lounge room. "Who has been sitting in my chair?" I asked.

So meet Bob, who is screaming apparently,

"OH NO not the hook, anything but the hook!"

My son joked that this was his first design, and that Bob was a good beginner project. He is a like able chap with a personality of his own.

So here are the instructions.

One ball of black bamboo cotton. (This by the way, was purchased with the intention of making a book tote for my daughter. The problem is that black is a killer to work with at night, and while this yarn is lovely to the touch, it splits like crazy. Hence it has been lying on the top of my work basket for a while.)

Two crystal eyes. The brighter the better. These were in my supplies which originated from one of those clearance tables at Spotlight. They were quite pretty, but the backs never did fit properly (which explains why they were being cleared) but gee I can't resist a bargain nor can I bare to throw anything away!


1. Push the eyes into the yarn. In fact push them in so hard that the yarn splits around the shank. This will seriously peeve the person who tries to actually get a hook near Bob.

2. Fray the start yarn to give Bob a tail. Yarn that splits is perfect for this.

3. Enjoy your Bob.

Incidentally the cat wasn't quite sure what to make of Bob, which made me think that maybe my son has something here. After all, the cat isn't worried about tension, and a ball of yarn is just as much fun as a fancy toy, but give a ball eyes, and hey a whole new attitude emerges.

In fact if pet rocks can take over the planet, why cant Bob do the same? Bob really made me smile. Teenage boys who like taking the micky out of Mum are also pretty special.

( I will now take my tongue out of my cheek)

Have a nice day.