Saturday, September 16, 2006

Retro Rugs (Afghans)

These are some of my retro rugs that I made when the kids were little. This one is the traditional snowflake pattern. It is made in 5 ply wool. Way back then this was all I would use. It was quite expensive but had a lovely texture. To make a whole afghan in any thing heavier than 5ply, eg 8 ply would make the completed rug too heavy. There also wasnt much about in a synthetic so the options were limited.

I have always liked the bright colours. This one would be about 23 years old now and is pretty much as good as new. I did notice one little moth nibble which I need to fix when I laid it out.
I recall snuggling my daughter up with this one when she was little.

This one I made round about 1985. I started it while we were on a trip in England. Again it is 5 ply. I made this for my son when he was little. He will turn 21 this December. He has always liked greens and browns, and still does. I entered this one in the Gold Coast Show in about 87 and won second prize. I remember the judge telling me my front posts were too tight. I guess she was right! I do like how they form a criss cross pattern on the rug.

This is another one in 5ply pure wool that I made for the boys when they were little. This one is about circa 1990. I remember buying the wool at a Myers Sale at Pacific Fair here on the Gold Coast. I ran out of the teal colour and had to make shift with the black. It has felted over the years, but I have always liked the masculine colours in this one.

Sorry I don't know why the pictures are portrait. I guess you will just have to lay on your side to view this one!

I am gradually photographing my works of the past. My daughter and Mum in Law have a few which I must capture on a jpeg when I am next at their homes. Despite the age of these, the patterns are as effective now as then. I was never one to use baby colours for my kids afghans when they were small. This has paid off as these rugs look just as good today at the end of the bed, as what they did when the children were small. While some folk might think that crochet is daggy, I just love the home made feeling it gives a room.

Thanks for looking!


Pyo said...

Very nice work, I love the colors too!

Kiki said...

Beautiful afghans, Cupcake! It's plain to see they have stood the test of time and trend. I love the snowflake one, so colourful and cozy looking! I've only been crocheting since the early '90's, and most of my earlier stuff was, ahem, not worth remembering! Yours are all wonderful and I'm sure your children love them and have wonderful memories of them as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm an afghan addict myself, my most treasured ones being the ones my mom made for me. Yours are stunning!

Anonymous said...


My mom always said my tension was too tight for yarn, but I agree that afghan looks great with that tight stitch. I sometimes use a larger hook, because I tend to pull a bit tight.


Anonymous said...

greetings :)
this is a little past date from when you originally posted this, but i have only recently discovered your blog, and am spending time today going back and admiring your work! i was wondering if you had a pattern for the blocks in the first afghan? you referred to it as "traditional snowflake pattern," but i can't seem to find one like yours, and i LOVE it! (not just the pattern, you colors are great, too! :)) if you could possibly steer a frustrated yank in the correct direction, i'd appreciate it, lol :) either way, i LOVE your work, and thanks :)
~christi :)
virginia, USA

vyvynguyen said...

It's so imazing! No words to say. I have never seen the same things of Vietnamese products. They seem easy for me to do one. I'm a beginner, but I will try to do the same one for myself.
Many thanks for your sharing. Could I send an email to you if I have question to ask for help about recipes? Or how can i study about your work?

Unknown said...

I love your rugs and afghans.....themommie

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful, I would like to try the pattern, I hope it is on your Etsy (will check it later, now I am busy reading the blog :))