Saturday, September 09, 2006

Drews Monet Afghan

This is a project I completed last night. The pattern is from the crochet dude,

I liked it because of the texture in the blocks, and the fact I only had to make 12 of them. The other incentive was that I am a great hoarder of variegated yarns and this seemed like a good way to use some of the balls of yarn that had been breeding in my cupboards.

True confessions of a fibre junkie!

After having made eight of the squares I was having second thoughts about my wisdom to use a different colour for each block. The only person who seemed to like it at this stage was Billie our cat. The colours looked a bit yuck, but it was warm and comfy! Whenever I lay out my blocks on the floor she always comes and squats on them.

They started to look better once I added the cream border. I was still pondering whether to quit at 9 or go for the 12 as in the pattern.

Mates at the ville encouraged me to keep on going. The cream did seem to separate the colours rather nicely.

So I kept crocheting away until I had completed the 12. I tried to stick to blues and purpley reds although there is one block of black white greys, and another with some flecks of brown.

I did stuff up on the edging as I did too many loops by not reading the pattern correctly. I didn't pick this up till late last night when I was on the second round of the final border which was starting to frill. I guess this is where a number count on a pattern helps, as it looked fine until the very end.

I managed to adjust for my error to get the edge to sit flat.

So it is now complete and I think it has turned out ok. The most annoying thing of the pattern was the final round of DC down the long side of the blocks, and fixing up my mistake with the cream lattice.

I do like the lattice join as I have never used this before.

Any hows it is finished and my plan is to give it to Grandma (mil) at Christmas. She has always liked my crochet and now she is getting on a bit, this one is a nice size as a lapghan.

My hub likes it as he says the hotch potch of colours is more like the traditional afghans which were made from odds and ends of scraps.

Thanks to Drew for the free pattern.

Thanks for looking!


Kelvin said...

You should never trust a "kiwi" - especially one that is growing old(er) - memory loss !!! (hehe) Have listed you @ #469 on 21 21 21 Blogs

Very interesting blog.

StarKnits said...

love the blanket! it does look great with all the different yarns! i like your join too. i'm off to check out the pattern. thanks a bunch!

LG said...

I LOVE it!!! Beautiful!!!
PS: Is that stash? Seems like a yarn store! ;)

Tina said...

I love it. I think it turned out wonderful! Your mil is sure to love it, too. What a nice gift.

~drew emborsky~ said...

You did such a great job! I love it!! Woo hoo hoo!

Bel said...

Your yarn stash looks like mine (same yarns, love that lincraft stuff!).

Didn't realise you were so close to me! We go to pac fair all the time (usually after a visit to the carara markets) We live near Beenleigh.

Belinda xoxo

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I love the colors you've used!!