Monday, September 04, 2006

Vale Crocodile Hunter

Today is the day that Steve Irwin died.

He was known as the crocodile hunter.

This is indeed a sad day. I find it ironic that in "save the koala month", our crocodile man gets killed by a sting ray off our Great Barrier Reef.

All such great icons.

Whether you liked the man or not, this is a tragedy particularly for his family.

It is hard to know what to say.

All I can think of is "crikey".


LG said...

I watched the sad news on TV (and I thought about you, because everytime I hear something related to Australia I think about Cupcake!)

Anonymous said...

Jeff was up late last night and came in to wake me up to tell me what had happened -- told Danny, too. We're all broken-hearted. We admired his enthusiasm, and his obvious love for all of nature. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, although I know his "persona" may have seemed overdone to some people. We'll miss him terribly.

Pam said...

I still can't believe that this happened because he seemed invinceable, like nothing could happen to him. My family is in Minnesota, USA but we loved him like he was our hero, I'm sure you and your fellow country folk are stunned by this tragic loss.

Darselo said...

What can you say besides "crikey"... He's not just missed in Australia.

Kiki said...

Cupcake, Just like Vik, when I heard about this tragic loss I immediately thought of you because you are Australia to me :o) I loved watching Steve in his exploits, admired his courage and his protective nature of the animals he encountered, even when they turned on him he never blamed the animal, it was just their nature as well as his. I know he will be missed not just in his home country but all over the world by his many fans.

Knitted_Painting said...

I hope that somehow he knows how much he will be missed and how much he is loved. I certainly do miss him already poor Terri and kids =(

ZaPaper said...

Wow, do you have a pattern for the great crochet lizard? I want to make about 1000 of them. I love reptiles, though not enough to have poor Steve's job. He was a great guy.