Saturday, August 26, 2006

Koala Katch up

Save the Koala

The koalas seem to be taking over my life at the moment. It is our winter and the weather is dry and windy. We are in a drought with a State election announced recently. The talk is about water restrictions, petrol prices and bananas.

September is next week and this is our Spring. It is also Save the Koala Month.

I have been experimenting with different yarns.

I found some sparkly stuff that worked up well.

This is Alma and Albie, and they truly sparkle in the Aussie sunshine. Albino Koalas do exist.

They are a natural, if rare occurrence. I read on the web that one was born a fews ago in the San Diego Zoo. The poor thing died of cancer.

I remember seeing one years ago at Lone Pine in Brisbane. As if a Koala isn't cute enough, then a pure white one with a pink nose is quite amazing.

Their survival rate is very low in the bush as they do not tolerate the harsh sun.

September is Save the Koala Month. I have put the link to the Australian Koala Foundation. Drought and devastation of our bush really threatens these little guys. Koalas hurt no one, and are the cuddliest of creatures.

I am at the moment absorbed in making mothers and babies,

This pair are in a pretty blue and white. I called mum Blue- gum, and the baby Speckles.

Butch has gone on a trip to the USA. He was a bit of a tough nut and I liked him a lot. The fun for me is watching the yarn take shape and the personality develop as I construct these guys. The gum nuts around the neck drive me nutty as they are quite fiddly, but I think they provide a nice finish.

This little cutie is Sweetgum. She went on a trip to New South Wales. I did rather like her feminine ways.

I always put a dab of eucalyptus oil in the gum nuts as I just love this smell. I also like the smell of the lemon scented gum. We have one in our front yard. The annoying thing is it has become too tall for me to get the leaves.

Thanks for looking, and make sure you check out the Koala Foundation site.

They have lots of info and some great photos of the real thing.

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Kiki said...

Beautiful koalas, Cupcake! Each one is more cuddly than the last. Thanks for the info on these adorable creatures :o)

Gigi said...

Your koalas are ADORABLE! They have such personality. How could a person say no to helping to save such creatures?! BTW will you be sharing this pattern? I'd love to make some as well. Thanks so much for your innovation and creativity. I really enjoy your blog.

Shelly said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I looovvveee your koalas!

Tina said...

Aaaw! Yours look even more cuddly than in the real. :) Does Blossom have some new family members then? lol They are all adorable; I like the albino one with the sparkly thread, too.

Kelvin said...

Hello from across the ditch !!! A labour of love - give them each a gum leaf and send them on their way into the big world, where no doubt they will find love with a lovely little girl !!! (or boy)

I'll list your blog @ #470 on 21 21 21 Blogs on the weekend.

LG said...

Koala is one of my favourite animal! And for your crocheted ones I have no enough compliments! Too cute! And every one with pretty flower necklaces! You are great!

angelfire said...

I am amzed by your talent...ok jealous really. I love your little family...they look ready for the new year.

Dragonflymom said...

Those Koalas are sooo cute................You are really good.