Friday, August 18, 2006

Orphan Emu Chicks crocheted

Meet Emma and Ivan the Orphan Emu Chicks.

What funny things baby emu chicks are. It is EKKA time here in Brisbane and each year they have hatching Emu eggs in the bird pavillion.

They are such wierd and cute little animals. People stand there for hours watching these little guys peck their way out of the shell.

This year I missed the show because I was crook, but the family went, and my son reported back on how cute the emu chicks were.
The chicks are odd in that they have stripes when they are hatched, which disappear as they mature

One of the lovely things I have discovered in recent years is emu oil, and the wonderful hand lotions they make from this.

I have been working on these little guys for a while. I actually ended up on a pear and fruit tanget once I mastered the body shape. The challenge is working out what are the features that make an animal distinctive. The Emu is such a gangly bird, with long legs and neck and googly eyes.

They are a flightless bird which can run long distances. They are the second largest bird to the Ostrich.

I remember visiting the Emu farm at Cherburg a few years ago and seeing the eggs in the incubators. Beautiful large bluey grey eggs. The eggs are treasured by artisans who carve them.
Carving an emu egg is probably as challenging as trying to crochet an Emu! This was not an easy task.

Any hows, here are my orphan Emu Chicks Ivan, and Emma. Emma and Ivan are up for adoption by sale at my etsy stall listed in the links. One of the by products of designing stuff, is the orphans that are created.

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Otherwise may your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down!

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Melissa A said...

Very cute! I especially like the pink and purple one!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Those Emus are so cute. How big are they? They're just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your work is so creatve!Love the little emu babies.I can't wait to try the turkey too.Thanks for sharing!