Monday, August 07, 2006

Beaut Fruit Platter in crochet

Crochet Beaut Fruit

Well I have been crook. Blasted westerlies have upset my hay fever, and now I have the dreaded lurgie.

So I stayed in all weekend and finished the whole fruit platter. After Sheila, I felt I needed to work on something a bit more wholesome.

I must say I am really pleased how this lot turned out. Because each piece is complete, it is a great project with a high completion rate. That has to be good! I am going to make a heap of these and put them under the tree at Christmas.
In fact I was thinking I might actually hang them on the tree as decorations.

This all started with the Pears that a showed a few posts back.

Believe it or not the pears started out as an emu, but that is another story. I will share the emus with you, but at a later date.

So then came the apples. I had the munchies and thought an apple core would be pretty funny. It did actually turn out as I had planned. Son reckoned I should have done a worm sticking out. Maybe down the track I could do that as an apple accessory.

The Oranges were probably the most annoying. Trying to do a sphere, and make it look orangey and not just like an orange ball.

Teenage son, again interested in mucking about stuck the stickers on them which you can see in the top photo.

The lemon was a treat to work and I reckon doing this in a green it becomes a lime.

The really fun and challenging bits of fruit were the bananas. I ended up doing 2 sizes cos the first one looked like a lady finger, and my sons prefer Cavendish. So I ended up with two sizes which is good cos they look effective side by side on the platter.

These are the only bananas in our house now as they have become so ridiculously expensive since Larry.

Now it has been suggested that I need a pineapple to give the display height, but I am thinking here, a pineapple is not going to be a simple endeavor.

I am imaging tho, that I will do a Summer Fruit platter with the tropical and stone fruit we get here at Christmas.

If the wog I have got hangs around much longer, I might do this sooner than later.

Enjoy these, and if you are a troll out there, leave a message.

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The patterns are on my etsy store. Just click on the link listed under "Links" on the R side bar under my profile.

Thanks for looking!


LG said...

Incredible job Susan! Very nice!!!

PS: I wish I could send you some argentine bananas, they are not expensive here!

Knitted_Painting said...

They all look awesome! I especially like the half eaten apple!^_^ said...

Your stuff is just adorable! I have to love a woman who can crochet poisonous spiders! We are wildlife nuts here! very cool!

Kiki said...

Cupcake, your fruit is priceless!! I especially love the seed in the apple core! :o) Keep up the great work!


Leigh said...

Your fruit is adorable! Really lovely job on shaping them.

(The sticker on the orange is cute too!)

jenny huff said...

love your fruit and have ordered the patterns.On crochetville I seen when you had a picture of a dolfin and were trying out different yarns.Did I miss a pattern?I love it and where did you get it?

crochetroo said...

Hi jenny. The dolphin is one of my designs. It is part of a yet to be revealed series of the water. I have a fw things on the boiler at the moment.

Anonymous said...


Scottie said...

How can I get other patterns of ours - Kaola bears, etc.