Sunday, October 01, 2006

Crochet Chook Tea Cosy

Cluck Cluck Cluck!!

I posted instructions for the scallop tea cosy in May . I have been overwhelmed by the interest in this one. A keen crocheter and Chicken fanatic has added a few little bits and voila Madame Chook appears. This is so clever and looks very cute. Jamie has sent me her additions to the basic pattern, as well as the photo so you can all go forth and crochet Chicken Cosies.

From this:

I felt this was just the thing to post on my blog as it sits comfortable with the other crazy and fun ideas. Thanks Jamie for sending me your ideas!

To this:

Here is what she did:

"I just chained 7 and slip stitched to first chain and then chained 7 again and slip stitched to the first chain so that I had something resembling a figure 8. Then I put 12 DC in each loop, ended off and lightly stitched it together and shaped it into something resembling dangly chicken bits. Sewed it onto the cozy, added some eyes and a beak that I cut from fleece and it was done! "

I have been working on a Christmas variation which I will post in the future.

Isn't Jamies' chicken cosy fantastic?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love them both!!!! So. Much. Talent. Down. Under. Woo hoo!! =)

ZaPaper said...

I agree, those are awesome. Also, since my last comment I read your whole blog and figured out about patterns. I'd love to order some, but since I'm currently in China my address is a bit...complicated. I may try anyway, though, as soon as I've figured out how best to actually write my address properly. By the way, this blog is a joy to look at!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where to get the chicken/tea cozy pattern? I would love to have that one

Anonymous said...

Please let me know how to get the chicken tea cosy pattern---its too cute! Shelley

crochetroo said...

This is an adaptation of my scallop tea cosy which is posted here on my blog. Jamie has just done this in white and added the red bits as described in the post.

Anonymous said...

your tea cozy is adorable but is there a pattrern for the scallop pattern you had in May. thanks

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Anonymous said...

Oh!!! OH, oh, oh!!! I love chickens and this one is soooo silly looking! Thanks so much to both of you for sharing this!

Kerryn from Adelaide SA said...

Just love the pattern but my partner has this teapot that has its spout as part of the top rim where the lid goes.

All patterns I have seen have the traditional spout. I will attempt to adapt but wondering if you have a pattern to suit.

It's one of those glass pots with the black plastic top and handle.