Saturday, October 21, 2006

crochetroo buttons

This is a special thankyou to a kind soul out there who made me some cute little buttons.This person was very patient with me as it took me for ever to work out how to get them up on my site.

So I have my signature crochetroo koala button for my blog if you want to use it

This one is my signature crochetroo crocodile from my etsy store banner.

If I had to crochet them it would have been a piece of cake, but code to me is as foreign as Spanish. In fact I think I could learn Spanish quicker!

Now I have no idea how to make them link when you click on them, but I am excited at how cute they are. They are for you to use on your blogs if you please.

Thanks Jeanie, you are a very talented lady!

ps and now they do work! It's Magic!


Tricia McDonald Ward said...

Hello there, I just found your blog today, and I am so impressed with your crochet work. I'm a long-time knitter but have just been learning to crochet in the past few days. Your projects are beautiful and very inspiring. I'm particularly fond of the rugs and the fish, butterflies, and such. Will definitely be checking back to see more of your work. Thanks for being there.

LG said...

Cute buttons!

Anonymous said...

Your site is simply lovely! Looking at the pictures of your crocheted items gave my spirit a lift. Thank you for sharing!