Thursday, October 26, 2006

Digger Dude Troll Doll

Meet Digger Dude! Digger was emailed to me from Terry in the United States who made him from My Shiela the Aussie Troll Doll pattern in a previous post.

Doesnt Digger look great?

Here are Terrys instructions for the clothes. I havent tested these and they are in American Terminology only so some of it doesnt make sence to me (lol).

Pants: make a chain long enough to fit waist, join. Dc every 4 chain and Triple c every 5th around.
Next row dc even join
Fold in 1/2 dc around join end
Join yarn and then dc around for the other leg
Ch for belt long enough to tie

Vest: chain to fit waist dc in each c turn
row 2 dc turn c 2
row 3 dc turn c 2
fold in 1/2 then 1/2 again
dc on 1/4 dc 2dc each row for 3 rows
repeat on the other side
dc across the remainder dc for back
stitch shoulders

Hair: fold yarn in half and hook through the top or the head trim and the vary carefully comb one piece of yarn at a time

Thanks Terry it gave me a buzz seeing how he turned out. I am sure your grandson will enjoy Digger!


LG said...

Nice to meet you, Digger! You are a cool guy! ;)

Else M Tennessen said...

What post is the Sheila pattern in? Trolls are quite fun!

Unknown said...

I love your handmade troll.

I have a troll blog that I just started and update fairly frequently and I'd love it if you would check it out. Please become a follower and feel free to comment.