Saturday, October 07, 2006

Butterflies, dragonflies and moths

I recently ordered some Monaco threads on line from Jackie in the Philippines. These are the most beautiful threads with fabulous colours.
I have had a lot of enjoyment creating some spring designs. I know butterflies are a bit cliche, but they are so pretty.
These are crochet using a 1.75 hook and size 10 thread.

This is based on the Cairns Birdwing which is the largest butterfly in Australia. In the rainforest they are a bright green and black with a red thorax. I based mine on the shape rather than the colour.

I also designed a simple dragonfly based on the glider dragonfies we get in the garden.
Then I did a moth. Moths are quite interesting as they have thicker bodies and stumpier wings. I used the yellow tiger moth as a model. I do like the way they turned out as they are a bit different from the usual winged insect.
I reworked the Ulysses a little bit to make the body a bit slighter. These ones have the characteristic swallow tail tips on the bottom wings. There is an earlier version of this pattern earlier on in this blog.
My plan wasn't to write another set of patterns for a while as it takes me soooo long to write and proof and translate. I was so enthused by the yarn that I have listed these patterns on etsy. Here is the link:

The good old gecko sure looks good in this thread. The colours give them that chameleon effect.
I gave the one on the left to a elderly uncle today. He was quite taken. He said that the geckos used to keep him awake at night. I never realised that geckos made a noise. I thought this was only frogs. They apparently they can make quite a racket.
Here is a sample of all the different colours in some of my bookmark designs. You can see turtles, crocodiles, geckos and butterflies. The colours are so pretty I just cant stop making these.
I certainly have a few to pop into cards for birthdays etc over the next while!
Thanks for looking. I am so glad it is spring. Seems strange to think that some of you are now entering your winter.

I got the threads here:


jenny said...

I just now received my patterns and they are printing.I am going to start making them today.The gecko is beautiful with the new colors.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you've been very busy! Everything you've made is lovely and anyone who has a birthday coming up is very lucky!


Kiki said...

How beautiful they all look together! :) I love the picture of them all in with your plants!


jaclim said...

love love love all your new bookmarks, Susan! I never thought they'll look that beautiful with the threads you got from me. hugssss

Knitted_Painting said...

I love them all as always!^_^ I particularly love the gecko's and the Cairns Birdwing^_^

jaclim said...

Thanks a million for adding a link to my threads, Susan!!!! hugssss

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!!!!! I'm writing you directly from Italy to say that these creations of yours are beautiful, congratulations!!! Could you send me the instructions privately? My email address is: Thanks a lot!!!! Kisses and Hugs from Italy :) Cris

crochetroo said...

Gday Cris in Italy - this pattern set is available at

Vânia Dias said...

São adoro borboletas!!

Mimi said...

Hi Cupcake, the Monaco threads and Cannon threads are all size 8 threads. Size 8 being slightly thicker than size 10.