Thursday, March 29, 2007

At the Beach.... aussiegurumi crochet style

Welcome to my part of the world. This is Main Beach, Gold Coast. The top photo is late in the day, looking south to Surfers Paradise.

The one below is sunrise, looking out over the Pacific Ocean. The sand is white and crunches between your toes, the air is fresh and I find the sound of the waves crashing in very soothing.

The beach goes for miles, something like 55 of them! I am so lucky to have this in my area.

I took this photo for the observation deck on QI. This is looking North to Brisbane.

So when people ask me where do I get my ideas from, I say it is easy as there is so much around me to inspire. We have had a long hot summer, and as April approaches so does the cooler weather. Easter is usually the last of the summer holiday makers, and the beaches are usually packed over this time. This is the sandsculpture on the beach at Surfers.

I have been working on a naive "At the Beach" crochet series for the last few months.
So meet Kylie, Nicole and Kathy the Surfie Chicks. These are the girls who play in the sun sand , sea and surf. They have a life, and enjoy it greatly. I call this Aussiegurumi! I find it interesting that a word like "amigurumi" has crept into our language. This is the term for small crocheted dolls and toys. So I figure my Little dolls must be Aussiegurumi! My grandfather, who fought in World War II in Papua New Guinea keeping the you know who from invading Australia would be horrified. Interesting how history passes and time heals.

And Kylie, Nicole and Kathy are such legendary Aussie chicks I figured they deserved a day at the beach... I will let you work out where these great names come from.

Now of cause you are asking, where are the boys? Well the surfie blokes, and kids and mums and dads are on the way.

The Gold Coast is the home of the bikini as this is where the designer Paula Stafford started. Makes perfect sense having seen the beaches here.

So these Surfie chicks have a few accessories, a sun visor, beach towel, sun hat and beach wrap
I even gave Kathy a navel stud seeing this is the go these days. She also has shades of 10 with the braided hair.

Thanks for looking. Keep an eye out for the rest of the mob at the beach.... aaah its fun being eccentric.

It is a bit of a change from the wild creatures I have been working on~!

(c) crochetroo not to be copied or imitated.


Anonymous said...

for cute! I love these girls and am looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang.

tami and todd said...

What a beautiful place! And I love the dolls! You are very talented!!

Wanda Kay said...

What beautiful pictures of your homeland.

The surfer chicks look so cool, another terrific creation.

Chie said...

I love your creations! :)
They are all so cute!!!

MicheleStitches said...

I just love coming to your site and looking around! You do the most awesome work!! I have resisted and resisted, but I think I will have to purchase some patterns. I have recently made my first bookmark and my first amigurumi. Now that I know I can do it, I want some good designs to tackle.

Oh, and if you ever do any of the swaps at Crochetville, I will be more than happy to ship international just to be your partner! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Again another great series coming on. Love the Surfer chicks and can't wait to see the rest.

You are in a beautiful area and as you cool off, we start to get warm.

Beautiful and cute as always.

Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

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