Sunday, November 19, 2006

Crochet Ripple Rug circa 8Os

Voila the Ripple rug that I did in the 80s. This one has been stuffed in the back of a cupboard for a while now as zig zag crochet became crass. I remember doing this one when the kids were young. I like the effect of the rainbow. Basically this was all odds and sods and I somehow managed to get a pattern in the way the colours worked.

The stitch is a simple treble or double crochet as the Americans would say. I can't believe I ever did this. There is no way I would take on something of this size again. Those rows are quite long - 300 stitches across, and 164 rows of 10 up, 2ch, 10 down, miss 1 and then up again. The zig zag ripple gives the fabric a bit of stretch. This rug used to be a favourite for sleepovers when the kids were little. Now it is stuffed in a cupboard. I am sure it will have a few more days of glory if I hang onto it.

It is worked in 5 ply yarn which is hard to come by now, and double knit or 8 ply seems to have taken over.

Any hoos thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

That thing is HUGE, lol! So cool though! Those colors are soooo retro and that's totally back in style! I don't think I have enough patience for something that size! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow Stunning!!!!

Anonymous said...

whaouuuu it's wonderful !

Aim said...

That's really beautiful!

Shaheen said...

very,very beautiful!