Sunday, November 05, 2006

Housewife hussy in a crochet apron!

I eventually took the time to get the dolls down from the top of the cupboard to see if the apron would fit.

This doll was one of my teenage dolls when I was a little girl. Her name is Maria and I loved her so much. Her hair grows, and she has a button in her tummy to make it longer. I had forgotten I still had her. One thing in being a hoarder!

Maria must be about 40 now. Her hairstyle is vey 60s. I didn't keep any of her clothes, just the doll. I remember my Mum making her a beaded wedding dress. I have no idea what happened to this. So today Maria is naked under the apron, and is a bit of a desperate housewife! What a hussy!

I also tried the apron on the dishwashing liquid bottle. My boys thought I had completely gone nuts. This is Kitsch at its very best (lol).

The smaller aprons with the yarn were too small. I think you would need to make the neck loop longer and maybe have 2 separate lengths so you can tie the apron on.

I think the acrylic yarn is just the thing for this as it will wash well.

That is my silliness for the week. I hope you have fun with these.


Anonymous said...

Does Maria have a husband? If not, she shouldn't have any problem finding one now! LOL! I have started The Plain Jane, hopefully I'll be finished with it today and can post it on the ville. I can't post it to my blog until after my Happy Housewife receives it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Cupcake, you crack me up! Your Maria is looking very saucy and sassy indeed! :) Thanks for sharing your apron patterns!

Dragonflymom said...

I think its really pretty!!

HeatherB said...

I'm from america and when I was growing up in the 80's it was all the rage to crochet or sew aprons for the detergents...Nice design and thanks for bringing back warm memories!