Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy Hearts (free crochet pattern)

Happy Hearts - to make you feel warm and fuzzy like a nice hug!

This is one of those silly things I came up with while I was watching TV. We don't really celebrate Valentines Day in a big way down here, however it does seem to be getting more popular with the young ones. My boys are at the age when there seems to always be a young lady at the dinner table so I figured I would go with the flow and make some hearts in the mood of love.

This is what I call my Happy Heart Motif. I am still working on the background count, however here is the heart to get you started.

Some of the ideas for what you could do with these are:
  • Make a set for some quirky coasters,
  • Join 2 together and fill with lavender for a sachet,
  • Add a ribbon to the top to make a hanging decoration,
  • Make one in cotton and add a tassel for a book mark,
  • Sew a bobby or pin on the back and wear as a brooch, or
  • Use to decorate a card for someone special.


Australian and UK terms are used first; USA are shown second in [brackets].

8ply/double knit/worsted weight yarn in 2 colours 4mm/ J6 hook = 9cm, 3.75 in wide
Small heart use 4ply [size 10] cotton and 1.75mm/ steel 5 hook = 6cm / 2.5 in wide

Round 1: 3ch slst into ring, 3ch start then working into ring make 15tr [dc], slst into top of start ch to form a circle =16

Round 2: 3ch start, into next st work 8tr [dc], miss 2st, 1dc [sc] next st, miss 2 st, 8tr [dc] next st, 1tr [dc] next st, 2tr [dc] next st twice, 1tr [dc] next st, (2tr 1dtr 2tr) OR [2dc 1tr 2dc] into next st (chin point), 1tr [dc] next st, 2tr [dc] next st twice, slst join to start ch, finish off and weave in ends = 34 st

Round 3: Worked in front loops only
Join contrast yarn with a slst at the chin, 1ch 1dc [sc] in same st, 2ch 1tr [dc] same st, *miss 1 st then 1dc [sc] next st, 2ch 1tr [dc] same st* repeat from *-* around heart, slst join to last ch finish off and weave in ends = 17 shells.

Smile and Eyes

If you look at your heart you will see the outline of a smile and some eyes.

Using contrast yarn neatly stitch a mouth between round 1 and 2.

Work 3 stitches to create eyes. These can be angled to create different personalities.

Enjoy giving your Happy Hearts to someone special. Have a loving Valentines Day!

(c) crochetroo Australia protected by copyright. Please do not reproduce my patterns or images by any means. While I am happy for you to make these for personal use, gifts and limited charity fundraising, please do not sell on the web or sell finished items to make a personal profit.


Nima said...'s cute

Anonymous said...

I love the way the face 'pops' out almost naturally from the design ! Nice designing !

Barbara Bradford said...

Your little heart is so cute, I love the personality. Big thanks for sharing the pattern

scarletti said...

These are so cool. They have such a happy feel.

GAIL said...

, very cute hearts! I'm gonna try one right now! Thanks.... Gail

HindyB said...

Very cute and creative. I don't even celebrate Valentine's Day yet I'm tempted to go play with some yarn and make some of your "Smiley Face Hearts", just for the fun of it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pattern. Thank you so much

Crochet Connie and Snowball said...

So adorable! My aunt broke her ankle a month ago, and has been bedridden since then; I'm going to make this into a bookmark for the books I've been bringing her. I'm sure it'll cheer her up a lot.

JacqBrisbane said...

Thank YOU crochetroo. Your Smiling Hearts are the perfect smilie to add onto the Smiling Platelets (laughingpurplegoldfish) garland - being made for the Brisbane bloodbank.

Anonymous said...

I see this is a fairly old post, so here's to hoping you can respond :)

I like this pattern, and I'll probably make a couple here in a bit, but I'm thinking that I like this for a set of coasters--did you make the heart and the granny square separately and sew them together?

or is it all one piece? I'll probably experiment with this and check back later, thanks if you've got any feedback :)


marion nock said...

Cant wait to try your little hearts out thank you so much for the pattern

marion nock said...

YOUR LITTLE HEARTS ARE LOVELY Cant wait to try them out Thank you

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello from The United States!

Your hearts definately make me happy but I really wanted to compliment you on your birds!
They are stunning.

I'm a beginner so I don't have the skill yet to crochet one but I'm saving your website for when I do.