Saturday, January 17, 2009

A yarn about yarn - Panda Lustre

A work colleague of mine is having a baby this week ( his wife that is) , and we had a baby shower for him. She is a tiny little thing and is having a planned c section. They have the date set, and they know it is a girl. I always liked the surprise factor when I had my kids. Knowing the date and sex to me, is a bit like knowing what your Birthday present is, before you open it.

So in the knowledge that it was a little girl I made the baby pink booties above. This got me thinking about baby yarns. Now I must say they turned out the cutest little things, however this is mainly due to the yarn. Had I made them from string, I doubt they would have the same cuteness factor happening!

I made these little tea tree booties out of Panda Lustre. I just love this yarn. It is my favorite for making baby stuff in the synthetic yarn range available down here and quite reasonable priced.

If you look close at the picture you can see the viscose lustre running through the thread. The composition is 85% acrylic and 15% viscose.

Crocheting with this stuff is very satisfying, and no I don't have shares in the company! However a look inside my wool cupboard might indicate otherwise.

The koalas above were made in the variegated lilac in the range, and the little hat below in the flecked white, aqua and yellow.

And then there is baby blue.. I have been experimenting with baby sulphur cockatoo designs, and while the lemon isn't quite sulphur it is soft enough for babies gear.

And a few years back they had mint but they seem to have discontinued it. At the time I bought a few balls of it as I reckon mint green is a nice alternative to lemon when you don't know the babies gender. It works brilliantly for my koala booties as it reminds me of the gum trees.

So this is my favourite synthetic baby yarn. I have never been big on the nylons as they seem to split. The lustre in the Panda gives a nice texture that adds to a quality finish. It also has an increasing colour range in the traditional baby pastels.

Here is a link to their web:

Now as you can see the page really under represents this product as the colours are much sharper and the viscose really sparkles. An Australian company who has been around for a few years now. Why the heck they are "Panda" and not "Possum" or "Numbat" is any ones guess, but they do spin a good product.

Thanks for looking.

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Nima said...

all of them are too cute...nice work


your blog is lovely ...

RubyTuesday said...

What cute baby items! Would you mind sharing your patterns or where you found them?? I am expecting a little girl in April and those booties are the cutest ones that I have seen!

Marie said...

your site is very informative and creative. It has some really great information.

Tina said...

I love the koala booties. I have been reading to my boys about the fires in Australia (it doesn't say *where*), and they had a picture of an injured Koala. :( He was treated though and expected to make a full recovery.