Sunday, January 11, 2009

Summer Crochet

So Christmas has come and gone and the weather here is perfect for the beach. My family are always horrified when I take my togs, towel and crochet to our favourite local beach. I have never understood why. Others sit and read, and have things stuck in their ears, and play cricket... and well I crochet. And if Beach Cricket is good enough for The Australian Cricket Team to be televised, then I reckon there is an opening for Beach Crochet as well.

There is only one thing worse than getting sand in your undies, and in your chewing gum, and that is getting in in your yarn, so I have a special Beach Crochet Bag. Sad but true. And if I never took my hook to the surf, how would I have ever managed to take the great photo above?

I already have a backlog of Adult Uggs and a tail less possum in my basket, but I much prefer the coming up with the designs easier than the sizing and testing.

I finally listed my boomerang booties which took me forever because I needed to get the sizing right. Motifs on the other hand give me much more creative licence.

So my mind has been refreshed and the kids have been home and I have been on a rugalug binge.

I designed the Muttaburrasaurus late 2007 and have since been pondering whether I could come up with another of the dinosaur family.

My son ( who claims he is the source of all my great ideas) suggested a stegosaurus. So After a few prototypes here it is below. I kinda like this guy as he that boyhood adventure about him.

Trouble is with these sort of critters, is having never seen one, other than in the Jurassic Park movies, and lying around the boys room when they were little. (Gosh how I hated standing on those plastic dinosaurs in the dark. They used to scare the willies out of me and hurt like crazy.) My conundrum is always how to get the character, and the colour. I mean what is the character and colour of stegosaurus any way? I decided they must be flamboyant with all those spikes happening. Remind me of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, very gregarious and colourful in an outbacky sort of way.

So now I am on a dinosaur roll and I am getting a bit more confident. So I say to my self, if I can crochet Butterflies and Budgies, then a Pterodactyl cant be too hard.

This is what I did New Years Eve. I know , I must have a very boring life, however I did have a cocktail, in a long glass beside me.

Next morning I ask hub "what do you think this is"

His response; "a rabbit"

" er a rabbit in a batman cape".... not a good start to the new year my dear!

So I turn it on its side, and now it is looking more in flight. This angle reminds me more of the pterodactyls in the Flintstones.

So my January projects are to finish these guys off, however I decided that I need 4 of them to make a balanced set. I now have triceratops at an early stage of design and am feeling pretty pleased with myself.
Doesn't last long as our son says, " you have only done herbivores - you need to do some carnivores as well....." Maybe after the adult uggs, possums and cleaning out the fridge and tidying up the yard post summer storms....
Geez and I was thinking the herbivores was a terrific start to 2009. All I need now is a few of them in the backyard to munch through the jungle out there after the hot wet weather.
Happy New Year to You all, may you have many hours of fun with your families, wherever you are on the globe. I also wish you many hours of crocheting!

(c) crochetroo Australia


Faluche said...

Don't worry, I have the same problem with my BF whenever I crochet some animal. It's a male brain thingy, I think ...
Keep up the designing, love them mucho !
greetings from cold wintery Belgium

Anonymous said...

WOW i guess you have been busy! that explains your blog silence. everything looks wonderful - and sorry dear hubby but i don't see a rabbit!!!!

i hope you and your family have a great year!

Archie and Melissa said...

Oh I LOVE your new dinosaurs! i will definitely get that set to make for my nephews! I am so excited! i love to crochet at the beach too! I thought i might embarrass my family last year when i pulled out my yarn and hook in Jamacia, but i was wrong! it was a big hit and i even sold two pug finger puppets to passers by who thought it was great!
how fun is that?
:) melissa

Anonymous said...

I love your boomerang booties are you going to offer the pattern for sale or just the made up booties. I love all your patterns.

Tina said...

I love the boomerang booties, too. And the crochet hook in the sand castle. The crochetroo in the sand is too cool! You should make that your avatar, now. :-)

I was going to say pteranadon but that is just the only dinosaur 'bird' I could think of. Can't wait to see the others!

Nadine said...

Yes..this is my same specially moment sitting in summer with my bike.
I ride on bike and always I have one book and one of my crochet work in my bag. Always.. :o)
Than I crochet and having a fee time of this wonderful summerday.
Peaople came and.. "What is this !!, you are crochetting and.. hoouuuu.. there is your bike.. ".
*lol*.. Is was funny to hear and see the people crying on street.
With my book reading they say always nothing.. but ists normally.. lol.

Happy greetings.
Nadine from Germany/Hessen/Gie├čen