Monday, September 10, 2007

Barramundi Fish crochet square

The barramundi is the most delicious fish and is found in our freshwater streams of Northern and Coastal Australia. Barramundi is an aboriginal word meaning large scaly fish. While they are native to Australia they are farmed fish in other parts of the world.

When I was a kid I remember going on the school bus trip to the Northern Territory. One of the things we did was to go fishing on the Kathryn River where I caught with a hand line the most amazing fish. This was the barramundi and had the most wonderful taste. Up till that point in my life I had only had whiting and the odd bit of fish and chip shop flake. When you have fresh fish, caught from the river and cooked on the camp fire it is amazing.

The other memorable fish experiences I have savoured are Canadian Salmon when I was in Montreal. This has to be tasted to be believed, and the New Zealand Orange Roughy. Barramundi is in my opinion and to my taste buds up there with the best.

So number 10 in my rugalugs collection is the barramundi fish. I kept this one pretty simple, with the option of a goggle eye. I don't usually like goggle eyes as I think they often look a bit silly, but they do give the fish personality.

I designed this one in two sizes and then came up with baby wash cloth pattern. I was thinking these would be fabulous for baby showers or last minute gifts. Also a great use of scraps. the pastels look pretty in the real but don't photograph real well.

I have also gone crazy on making fishy hats for my etsy store. This uses the basic hat technique in my pig and penguin pattern sets.

I love doing these as this is an easier motif compared to some of my previous ones, and looks really effective. An afghan done in these would look pretty cute. I have listed the pattern for the fish square on my etsy store.

Spring is here now and I will probably slow down with the yarn as the weather warms.

Thanks for looking!

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tami and todd said...

I love it! that google eye gives the little fish so much personality! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

hi, I love everything you make, the birds are lovely, I live in France close to Marseille in the South and you make me happy when I read your blog thank you, have a nice summer.

Way Out Wear said...

The google eye is perfect for the fishy! What a wonderful design and thanks for the story with it. Fabulous!

Tina said...

Aw! The fish motif is so cute! The blue and red one really *pops*, I like it.

I have never tried barramundi. I don't even know if we can get it here or not. I will be on the look out now, though.

Cute fishies! <><

Wanda Kay said...

The fish looks great, and as always I've learned something new. Love the way you've used the fish on different projects.

Lourdes said...

Hi, i loved the fish, is so cute. I love your blog.

mãenuela said...

I love your fishes!
And i love also eating should try portuguese sardines , grilled, in july , when they are really fat.
I think i will copy one of your hats for my grandaughter.can i make a link in my blog?

siouxsie_factory said...

Hi from spain!!! Im so impressed for your amigurumi. I love them!!! I will add you in my blog ok?
P.d.: sorry for my english :P

mãenuela said...

i love all your works.I hope that you don´t mind if i try to copy some to my grandaughter.

Dragonflymom said...

how cute!! I love fish and am thinking of doing a fish afghan for my younger son.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your scalloped tea cosy on Ravelry. It's a stunner.

Anonymous said...

Yes you should write out a pattern for the Ugg Boots.... They are so cute..... By the time you don my new grand baby will be too big to wear them... I think they are precious.... Hugs, Molly

Anonymous said...

i love this site it rocks and the fish is aborable