Sunday, August 26, 2007

School craft stall

Well the school fete happens every year in September. It is a fun day, and I always enjoy making a box of goodies to donate. It is one of the main fundraisers and has a real carnival atmosphere.

I have learnt that little things that sell for a few dollars seem to turnover so much quicker than larger items with a lot of work.
In previous years I have made boxes of kitchen items, teacosies, crochet kitchen towels and potholders. This year I thought I would try something different.
So I have come up with a range of purse or pocket items. This includes a sunglasses case, and a small makeup case and a phone cosy. This one has a nice cluster stitch on the front and I do like the texture this gives. It also provides a bit of extra padding.

I am also trying to destash the piles of odds and ends in the cupboard so made a few random cases out of odds and ends. I experimented with a basket weave pattern which turned out well. I created a butterfly catch and a flower catch to do the falp closed. A nice old button would be just as good though.

Blokes are always hard to make things for so I had a go at making these out of camo yarn. I made the purse a bit smaller and voila it is a business card holder. I had some old army buttons in my button jar and I think they finish it off nicely.

I have a few more to do and will then cellophane them up for the school fete which is on next weekend. I also have a collection of baby bits and bobs and obligatory kitchen items to donate. The other fun bit is making some toffee and gingerbread men.

I haven't written the patterns up properly, but if I can find a tester or two I might as they were fun little projects to do. I reckon they would be good for Christmas gifts as well.

Thanks for looking!

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quiltdude said...

Hi Cupcake,

I love your ideas for the school fete. I do a craft stall for my daughters school nearer to Christmas and this sort of thing would sell really fast. You've inspired me to play around with some basic paterns.

Tina said...

I would love to be a tester for you, if you haven't found anyone else yet. I think they will sell really well.

(Are you baking the gingerbread men and toffeee? Yum...) :p

Anonymous said...

Great Work!!! If you need a tester sing out!!! (I'm only in Darwin!!)

Anonymous said...

I love your patterns. I would love to be a tester. Just let me know. Linda

Pyo said...

I love the basketweave pattern, one of my favourites for manly crochet items!

By theway, do you check your etsy mailbox? I have a question for you

Art & Disorder said...

I visited its archive all and I loved its crochês are wonderful,I am Brazilian, I knew yours today blog, congratulations!My name is Berenice.

Wanda Kay said...

They all look great, I'm sure the school loves seeing you with all the goodies.

Dragonflymom said...

I love those............are you going to sell the patterns? They look great!