Saturday, February 10, 2007

Red Eyed Frogs - crochet rugalugs motif square

When I was a kid frogs used to be everywhere. I remember we had a creek and a dam down the back paddock and there would always be tadpoles swimming about. I haven't seen a frog for a while now, and even the cane toads seem to be diminishing in numbers.

I can think of 3 reasons for this -firstly the drought which we are in, and secondly the loss of our forests, and thirdly I haven't been up to the rainforest for a while!

I have been thinking about frogs for a while and wasn't sure how to tackle them in crochet. I decided that the red eyed frog was the perfect model. This little guy lives high in our rain forest trees and is nocturnal. The red eyed frog is also called the southern orange eye frog, or the red eyed green tree frog. They live in the rainforest's of Queensland and Northern New South Wales, along the eastern side of Australia. They have the most amazing eyes which vary from reds through to oranges. This is a pretty frog and there is a similar bloke who lives in the rain forest in South America. They are front page material for National Geographic and the like as they are very photogenic. Amphibians are a very important part of our eco system and we need to preserve them. I would like to think that my grand kids will be able to experience frogs.

Once I got the idea of what I was doing, I was on a roll. I now am kneedeap in froggy motifs! Different colours, different eyes, but full of froggy goodness.

Not an easy task getting then to sit in a square, but I reckon they look as though they have just landed on the rug!

I then started making a few hats. I was thinking about walking in the rain forest, and a green tree frog or red eyed frog landed splat on your head. The image amuses me as I am always a bit jumpy when I walk through the bush. There are so many creepy crawlies who knows what you encounter.

I am enjoying these and they are a bit cheeky. Perfect for boys, who are usually hard to crochet for. I am trying to destash and don't have the energy for any more larger projects so these beanies are the way to go. The gaudy colours seem to work well. Each hat takes me a few hows to do, but they give me a smile when I finish.

My rugalug fun motifs fro kids series is growing. I now have ducklings, koalas, penguins, kangaroos and frogs. I have a few more in the pipeline and then I have run out of ideas until something inspires me. The weather is still hot so these squares are quick projects to keep me busy.

Thanks for looking, and remember all the copyright stuff. I try and be as original as possible with my designs.


tami and todd said...

These frogs are spectacular! Although, I do have to admit that I like the yellow-eyed ones cause the red-eyed ones freak me out! I am astonished by your creativity and originality! I am proud to say that I started creating my own baby blanket (that's my thing, baby blankets) & I'm very proud of myself so far. I will be posting it when it's finished. In the meantime I'll be coming to your site for inspiration!

Mimi said...

Those frogs are adorable, I love the hats!

Gigi said...

Love that first hat with the green and pink. I know you sometimes put the patterns up for sale in your etsy shop. Will this pattern be making an appearance? I'd like to purchase it!

Tina said...

I better not show our boys! Everytime I do, they want me to make one for them... (LOL) Love the hats, too. Especially the green one. Very froggy. :D

Pyo said...

another potential buyer of your frog pattern!
I'd love it as an appliqué on a scarf or a bag!

looking forward to seeing it!

You did great with those frogs :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!! I like 'em!

Anonymous said...

LOL Those are the bomb!

Danni said...

These frogs are really lovely, as well as the seastar's!
The frogs make me think of Daintree!
I really did enjoy visiting your blog..and promose to com back!


blueyes_crochet said...

I love the frogs they are so cute and bring back memories of when I was young. And I love the idea of a frog on top of the hat.

Tiffany said...

Amazing! I love the hats. :)

crochetroo said...

Thanks. The patterns for the frog motif and sqaure is on my etsy store. I winged the hats.

Lucy said...

I love this hat and my daughter would of went crazy over it. Such a unique design.

I really like all your frogs and well, everything. You have truly been blessed with an awesome talent!!!

Anonymous said...

The frogs remind me of some of the repeating images in MC Escher's work.

It would be neat to see an afghan with these motifs!

Carol said...

I love this Frog. as I make squares for groups and this would be nice for a surprise square.
Do you have a pattern for this frog or can you tell me where I can find it?