Tuesday, January 09, 2007

rugalugs: fun crochet motifs for kids rugs

This is the first of my Rugalugs (c) crochetroo 2007 series.

I have had a lot of fun with these. I designed the duckling a while back for a person who was mad about ducks.

After some tweeking, and some serious pattern writing I think I have it figured.

So then I embarked on working out what you could do with these. Obviously baby rugs, but also bibs and washers and motifs to add to purchased items.

I liked the idea of washers and bibs made in cotton. The range of cottons here is somewhere between pathetic and woeful and I had a mere 2 balls of sugar n spice to work with. These were raoked to me by some kind bods in the US. I looked at the web and couldn't find a mail order company to Australia, and even if I could I am far too impatient to wait. The blue and pink variegated looks cute, but I reckon some of them yummy colours I see on Bernat and the like would look really cool.

The ducky looks kinda cute in the thread, and I think these would be great to stitch onto purchased singlets and towels etc. I remember when my oldest 2 were little we went to England and I think we fed every duck in Great Britain. Ducks seem to inhabit most waterways in the world.

I had to put a little Australian black duck in there... or maybe it is a black swan signet. In Australia the swans are black, this is an interesting mutation and I guess us being so far away from the rest of the world our unusual genetic pools create some real wonders. The black swan is the symbol of Western Australia and they are most elegant creatures. Given most of Western Australia is a desert the swans are pretty amazing. I cant help but wonder how surprised the explorers were when they first saw these. But then I guess the wildlife here is all a bit odd!

So why the name "rugalugs"? This is a play on the word "bugalugs" and my son and I came up with this.

So I have a few more ridgy-didge rugalugs fun motifs for rugs on the burner. I am having a hoot making these and my hook can't keep up with by brain at the moment.

I will be listing these on etsy within the next few days.

Thanks for looking!

(please dont pinch my ideas or images which are protected by copyright)


Tina said...

Cupcake your rugalugs are adorable! (Well what I have seen so far is.) We have ducks here in the U.S., and swans. But I have never seen or heard of a black swan! Now I will have to check it out. You have so many different wildlife there. I will be on the lookout for future rugalugs. :)

crochetroo said...

thanks Tina you should see whats next!