Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pigeon pie, beef and bunny casserole!

more Crazy Crochet Casserole Pot Toppers

Once I start a tanget, it is hard for me to get off.

Having thought about the crazies I thought there needed to be a pigeon with a pigeony top knot.

No idea why I used purple, but I actually like it for a change.

And a rabbit. The rabbit took a bit of time to work out. She was worth the effort with the bunny ears and bunny tail.

My favourite, has to be the beef cattle bull. I am sure to use this fellow heaps as I love the beef stroganoff.

It has taken me a while as there was a bit of work involved, but the patterns for these are now listed on my etsy store. Enjoy!


the patterns for the full set of chicken, pigeon, pig, lamb, duck, rabbit, and bull are now available on my etsy store.

Enjoy Dinner!


Anonymous said...

The purple chicken and the cow are adorable....where is the pattern?..I have a friend who loves cows and another who only makes purple chickens....

crochetroo said...

The patterns are available om my etsy store. Just click the link on the side bar.

Anna said...

I LOVE them...LOVE LOVE LOVE them...I think the cow has got to be my favorite though. That facial shot is the best. LOL

LG said...

I adore these things you crochet! Love them all!

Knitted_Painting said...

brilliant! I especially love the bull^_^

Anonymous said...

Please tell us how to get to your etsy store

crochetroo said...

Hi there Joan! If you look at the links on the Right hand side of the page and click on the link it should take you to my store.

Thanks for looking!

platitudinal said...

Hehehe, they are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

You are sooooo creative!! Thanks for your patterns. They make me smile, give me more ideas for designs, and my grandkids love 'em.