Saturday, July 01, 2006

Koala Kapers

Koala Kids

These are some of my marsupial designs under the (c)crochetroo banner. And yes, this is another one of my shaggy dog stories! I also have wallabies, platypus and a few other Aussie animals and birds which, when I can round them up, I might do a photo session and post them up as well.

These have been happening over here for a good while now, I have just never shared them. Mainly cos the geckos and fish and tea cosies seem to have taken over lately! Now that I have been around for a bit I thought you all might like a peek. I have been making these for ages and I do like them. Not just because the Koala is such an interesting animal, but also because I enjoy giving them a bit of character. They are typical Aussie animals, but unfortunately a lot of the crochet patterns I have come across make them look quite feral, or downright ugly. An amigurumi (or whatever) Koala? now who are you trying to kid?? Or alternately you have to squint your eyes, and use your imagination to pick them as a Koala. The problem here is that people think they are bears. They are totally not bears. They are Marsupials, and really beautiful cuddly animals.

They also have political power as the "Save the Koala" movement stopped the building of a freeway from Brisbane to the Gold Coast a few years back, and lost the Government a huge number of votes. We now have Koala crossings on our major freeways. This is a funny one as I am yet to see a Koala cross at the "crossing", and the concept of a near blind animal being able to read the sign "Koala Crossing" and then scramble across four lanes of freeways sounds a bit silly.

Meet Acacia, Buster, Jacaranda, and Blossom.

This is Acacia. I named her that as her colours remind me of the wattle trees which are in bloom at the moment. The soft lavender green of the leaves and bark and the sweet yellow of the blossoms. Wattle look beautiful and have a sweet scent which attract the birds. They are a killer on the hay fever though!

This is Buster. He has a dopey look cos he has a eucalyptus high. This is one reason why Koalas don't do well outside Australia. They eat mountains of gum leaves. They are true vegetarians and quite fussy eaters. Eucalyptus leaves are very fibrous and low in nutrition. Koalas have a very slow metabolic rate which helps them maximise the nutrition from the leaves. They have a tough life and sleep for up to 18 hours per day in order to conserve energy. My teenage son is a bit like this!

This is Jacaranda who likes to tart herself up a bit. I like how the fuzzy wool works on her tummy and ears.

The Jacarandas don't bloom till October, and Koalas don't hang out there. I just called her that because of her colour. The gum nuts seem to look good against the lavender colour too.

This is baby Blossom. She has just been adopted by a kind family in America. She is having one last romp in the great outdoors before she leaves.

While we don't have Koalas in the backyard, they have been a part of my life.

As a kid we would always take our visitors to the Koala Sanctuary at Lone Pine in Brisbane.

We have had numerous OS students stay with us, and we always take them to the Currumbin Sanctuary to cuddle a Koala and have the "obligatory cuddling a koala" photo.

And when our OS students leave, I gift them some of my crocheted marsupials to take home with them. So I make families of koalas, in different types of yarns and colours. And some of them I send on holidays in other countries, just for the fun, and cos I am a mad woman.

These are my original designs.

(c) crochetroo 2006


Knitted_Painting said...

I really love all the things you've made their really different from most things I've seen and it really inspired me! and thank you for the free pattern for the sea stars (^_^)

Knitted_Painting said...

I really love all the things you've made it's really different from most things I've seen and it really inspired me! and thank you very much from the free pattern for the sea stars (^_^)

Anonymous said...

I love your Loalas. When I was young, many years ago, I would treasure the Koala that I receved from my Uncle in Australia. Even to this day in my 50's. I love the Koalas!
You would not know where I could receive a pattern for these cute little guys? Barb in Canada

Mariella said...

Love those little Koala's! I remember how soft they were and heavier than one would think! My daughter and I visited Australia about 20 years ago and had a fabulous tour. Are you planning on selling or sharing your Koala pattern soon? I know they would get a good home with my daughter and grandson.

LG said...

Cupcake you are so talented! I can´t believe such cute things you crochet!

Karen said...

Do you offer a pattern for these cute bears? They are so cute, all your work is wonderful thanks for sharing it with us.


Anonymous said...

Your koala bears are adorable. Thanks for teaching me something about them, too!

Josie Dinwiddie said...

Your talent is just amazing. I love all the things you've made and designed. Thank you for the free patterns as well.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you sold your pattern? I have a nephew coming anyday, and a neice that would LOVE to have one. Not too mention, my own two kids!!!!
Let me know, please!!!

Edith Han said...

I was wondering if it would be possible for me to buy the pattern, or something. My boyfriend's birthday/graduation and our 1-year anniversary is coming up, and I was hoping to crochet a turtle and a koala (it's out thing). Please let me know. (eadgyth.han[at]gmail[dot]com) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you are ne very talented lady love your work happyhker