Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fish From the Great Barrier Reef

Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Tang Fish and Seahorses
(c) copyright original designs

I have been busy working on my fish collection.
I am really happy at how they have turned out, although they took a bit of time to test and perfect. The colours of tropical fish are amazing and I figured these were just the thing to go crazy with colour on.
The tang fish look pretty snazzy as they scoot about the ocean. The clown fish also have a bit of attitude.

My favourites are still the seahorses. They are such interesting little animals. It took me most of the day to photograph these. Sounds silly but I had to get the sand and the light just right. I guess if I was a professional photographer this would be a piece of cake!

I had a bit of fun fiddling arround with the towels. I like the lacy look of the angel fish on the terry towelling.

Each pattern is quite different, hence they took a bit of writing up.

They are special though, and as I finished something else came to mind........... more about what's next another day.

I have just listed the patterns for Fish from the Great Barrier Reef: Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Tang Fish and Seahorses at my Etsy store.


LG said...

OMG Cupcake! I love the australian reptils you crocheted, and now the fishes!!! You did a wonderful work! The pics with stones and sand are great too!

Andi said...

Good Day from America! Your fishes are too cute! Nice Job!!

Scoutj said...

vik sent me over to you and I wanted to invite you to join my Flat Scout project!


Jessica said...

Fantastic - now I can buy the pattern for all those lovely sea creature, they will just perfect to make up as little gifts for friends :)

Kerry H said...

I LOVE the seahorse and fish patterns! Beautifully done :)