Saturday, June 03, 2006

Book Marks and Motifs from the Great Barrier Reef.

These are my latest designs. Because they came out of my noggin I own the copyright, so please don't nick my pictures or ideas! I know the yellow print is annoying, but I was reminded recently about the risks of internet theft so while I am happy to share, I need to take some precautions.

The Great Barrier Reef is North of where I live in Queensland. I remember a few years back visiting Townsville and the aquarium there which has to be one of the most remarkable tourist places I have ever visited. So I share with you my latest, which in amongst the geckos, teacosies, afghans, and holding down a full time job, are in the list of patterns I am currently writing up. I would value your comments, as while the ideas and creativity flows clearly, the pattern writing is the excruciating part!

My thoughts are that these would be great book marks, or motifs for kids cloths, jeans and accessories. If people like them, I will make the effort to finalise the instructions.
I just love the colour and the natural "weirdness" of tropical fish.

The Angel fish is quite a beauty and is a graceful swimmer

The little Clown fish was made popular in recent years by a particularly cute kids movie. I have designed these little guys to be hanging of a string as tho they have been caught by a tourist on one of those tourist fishing trips, or alternatively swimming free in the Pacific Ocean.

The Tang fish is a funny looking flat fish with what I call "kissy lips" I had fun with these, they don't use much thread, and the more colourful the better! I think a school of these on a little ones bib on overalls would look fabulous

My last, and probably favourite little fellows are the Sea horses. I have seen these in a tank, and they are the most fascinating creatures. So very tiny, but so very graceful.

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jenny huff said...

beautiful please finish

Tina said...

Cupcake they are all marvelous! Just today we saw some lizards whilst hiking and I told my nine year old son, 'I saw a lizard bookmark would you like me to make you one?' (Of course he just shrugged his shoulders...) 'A clown fish?'... 'A snake?'... 'An angel fish?'.... (Fine, I'll make some for myself then!!) ;p

Anonymous said...

You have great patterns. They are so beautiful and the creatures are so life like. I really appreciate the colors you used. Please let us all know at Crochetville when the creatures are completed so we can make some.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful patterns you have. I finally learned the tea cozy. I cannot wait to make the beautiful life like sea creatures.

Betty Lytle Texas

jenny huff said...

Your patterns keep getting better and better.In a hurry for the spider patterns.

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
Your blog is absolutely fascinating and so colourful! What a great way to showcase what so many of us will probably never get the opportunity to experience first hand. You make everything so real!
All the best in future endeavours.

flutterbymiss said...

what a clever your work. Thanks for sharing some of your patterns too. The fish and lizards look cool. Cheerio for now
Lindy in NSW

Anonymous said...

I love the Great Barrier Reef patterns! Can I buy the patterns? Margie @

Anonymous said...

Those are the most creative patterns I think I have ever seen.Really cute and so well done too.Vicki Adams