Sunday, June 04, 2006

Australian Reptiles of the land: Gecko, Taipan Snake and Blue Tongue Lizard

There have always been reptiles in my life. Not that I like them, but because they are a part of the Australian great outdoors.

I always remember the fear as a kid of the rustle of a snake in the grass.

The Austrailain inland Taipan is the most deadliest in the world, being some 50 times more deadly than a cobra.

He looks pretty tame in crochet as a book mark!

When we were kids there was always a Gecko or two that would scurry over the ceiling at night. The camoflage was fantastic!

The blue Tongue Lizard is a real ugly bugger. They often lurk in my garden catching insects. How it ever got a blue tongue is any ones guess, but it sure as heck gives it a distinctive look.
The choo choo bar grin ;o)

I had a lot of fun designing these. They are my own fair dinkum original designs which have taken me a while to write out and test. These images are protected by copyright as are my ideas.
I do think they are pretty crazy though! The idea of a gecko squished in a book is one that will appeal to many. This all started because most bookmark and motif patterns are very feminine. Not much out there in the crochet line for kids, and in particular boys. Not much out there in reptiles eithor!

I have just listed the patterns for these three on my etsy store.

Check it out!


jenny huff said...

I have bought these patterns.They are lovely.

jenny huff said...

I have now made the patterns.I used some different colors for mine.