Sunday, September 05, 2010

Welcome Spring with a wool afghan!

Welcome Spring with a wool afghan!

Spring has arrived. I know this because of the chorus of parrots and kookaburras that wake me each morning at 6 am. As if somehow nature knows that the calendar has turned over, it was 29 degrees here on the 1st of September. I did manage to crochet my way through winter and have a pile of finished objects to prove it.

My winter total is: 6 baby blankets, 1 woolen afghan, 1 hairpin shawl, 3 interesting other shawls, a and a plethora of hats and scarfs. I have also finalised a few new patterns which have been in development for sometime. I decided I would update the formatting as I now have a u beaut laptop with the latest version of word. While the documents do have a nice modern edge, the new word is counter intuitive which has slowed me down a bit. I have however added the following to my pattern collection:

Vintage style beanies, Tasmanian devils, cow rugalugs, spiral beanie, super slippers, and a few new tea cosy designs. I will add these to etsy over the next few weeks.

So welcome Spring, and what better way than with finishing an afghan - pure Australian wool of course.

The pattern is from the book 63 more squares which a kind person RAOKed me a few years back. It has been in my list of things to do for a while as I searched out the right yarn.

It is almost a year since our road trip and one of the holiday discoveries was the Bendigo woollen Mills. This was like a lolly shop to a fat kid with a sweet tooth as I came out with an enviable supply of top quality Australian Wool and bargain price's in a stunning array of colours. The other thing that Bendigo has lots of is pottery, and I also managed to have a rather large biscuit barrel fall into my handbag as well.

I have made my daughter several rugs over the years but these somehow always seem to turn up as decorating items, or being worn at Retro parties by the trendy Melbourne crowd.

Think Retro and the obvious thing is to drag out Mums crochet rugs! I know this cos they often feature on Facebook. I have no idea who the people below are, but I do know I crocheted the orange rug that they are sharing along with a beer and a few good times. And, this rug was made in the 90s, and not in the 70s!

She has also stated that it is the highlighter pen colours which assist in setting the mood.

So the challenge for me was to construct a tasteful (!) afghan with a contemporary edge(whatever that is).

I didn't do the full 63 blocks as wool is quite heavy and I wanted a couch throw rather than a full bedspread.

The colours are Navy and maroon with variegation's of creams and blues. All pure Australian wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mill. This is yarn to die for. My only regret is that we don't have a bigger boot as I would have loved to have bought more. I started the rug last November while on the trip and finished it this winter.

I love it to bits, and I haven't seen it as a backdrop on Facebook which is a good sign ( I think),

thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

Great to see you back on the blog!
Handsome afghan.

Sue said...

ps - also meant to say I just LOVE yoru blog name, so cute! You're now in my favourites! Sue

Sheila said...

Very pretty afghan!

Annemarie's Haakblog said...

Looove your Afghan!

Carine said...

Nice afghan for next winter (here snow is forecast for Thursday unfortunately).
I really like the third square from the left part on the second row.

EdenHillFarm said...

Hey there!! Like that there are other young people like myself getting into some crochet'ing goodness! I'm a bit of newbie and am having some difficulty with the yarn I bought for some hats I was attempting to make. The yarn I'm using is "Cleckheaton - Folklore" and when I bought it didn't realize its not the same thickness the whole strand along. Hopefully I'm explaining myself to the point that is understandable, some of the yarn seems loosely woven and some tightly, which I'm finding a real pain in the date to keep my tension right. The areas of the yarn that are tightly woven and thinner get really tight in my work, and the thicker bits stick out and look pretty terrible. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much in advance!! :)

Clotilde M. said...

Love the afghans, they have a really country feel to them.