Saturday, November 15, 2008

Koalas for France

I haven't been blogging much, but I have been crocheting. We have had a few long car trips while we sort out my mum in laws business. Here is a little set I made for a special friend in France.

We had a French student stay with us a few years back. It was a fabulous time, and while her English improved heaps, my French did seem to go anywhere!

Time passes and she has now settled back in France with her man. This is lovely news as the poor chap would ring her up every night at seven on a Sunday night, for the year she was with us. There was a time when they split up as she thought she would check out the Aussie blokes. I couldn't understand this as a French man is well, French, and he had the most amazing "Ellooo" over the phone. But this chap was determined and came across to Australia with some friends, and by the time they had travelled up to Cairns, been to the islands and seen the Great Barrier Reef, they were an item again.

Several years later and they are building a home and have had a baby boy. Naturally I had to make some Aussie for the Little bloke. I remember the day we took her to see the koalas at the sanctuary, so I figured a koala set was the thing.

Anyway these are now on their way to France and I cant wait to see a photo of the little fellow in them.

Thanks for looking, baby stuff always gives me the warm fuzzies. I have quite a back log of things to share.
(c) crochetroo 2008

(oops I have no idea why this little koala is sideways)

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Great job, and I'm sure the baby and family will love this for a long time, and save after grown out. :o)