Friday, February 08, 2008

Witchetty Grubs - free crochet pattern

This is one of those fun little projects that are quick and easy to make. They are a bit silly, but the kids and the cat like them. Try putting a bell inside the grub, with some catnip and see how much fun she has! I added a piece of yarn to the tail of one of them, hung it from a pot plant and this kept the cat and my son entertained for ages. Cat toys are great as they keep the critters away from the native birds and wildlife.

If you are new to crochet this is a quick little pattern to practice your skills. Good training if you plan to do some serious amigurumi.

Witchetty grubs are the larvae of moths found in the witchetty bush. They are eaten raw or barbecued as a high protein food by Indigenous Australians, and are often featured in Aboriginal paintings. In real life witchetty measure about 15cm/6in. I love this photo of this happy looking kid proudly showing off his grubs.

You can see how they feature in Indigenous art.

They apparently taste like eggs and are highly nutritious. Witchetty are one of the bushtucker of the Indigenous Australians.

The timing of this post, and recognition of our indigenous people comes at a significant time in our Australian History. Our new government will say "sorry" to the stolen generation.

We took away their kids and culture and replaced bush tucker diet of witchetty, fish, roo, fruit and nuts with alcohol, fatty food, sugar and tobacco

Civilisation in general has a lot to be "sorry" for.

Witchetty Grubs - crochet pattern

· Australian instructions are first, American instructions are second in {brackets}.
· Yarn is 8ply, double knit or worsted weight, with a 4mm/G6 hook.
· Grubs measure 15cm/6in with 5 bulbs. Do the head in a contrast colour. Real witchetty grubs have a yellow/orange head. Start at the head, the grub is worked in continuous spirals.

1. 2ch, 8dc {8sc} into 2nd from hook,
2. 2dc {2sc} each st = 16
3 - 5. 1dc {1sc} each st around = 16
6. 2dctog {2sctog} around = 8
7. 1dc {1sc} around = 8

Repeat from round 2. Four or five bulbs are enough. Stuff as you go.
For a cat toy add some catnip to the stuffing and add a bell to the last bulb.

Last bulb: Round 8. 2dc {2sc} together around until you can work no more, finish off.
Give your grub some eyes and a mouth and a bit of fluff on his head.

yummo enjoy your grubs!

(c) crochetroo. please do not reproduce or copy my pattern or my images.


inkberryblue said...

Hi crochetroo!
What a cute pattern and what a great post.
I'm really glad that the government is finally saying sorry to indigenous Australians.

Anonymous said...

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Bunny said...

Really cute. Your patterns are always such fun to see. I may have to start crocheting more than doilies.

Wanda Kay said...

I really needed a chuckle and that name did just that. The little grubs are adorable, great job on another creation.

Anonymous said...

Now they are so cool. Hey do you think I could put them in my garden to scare the other worms and such?

Thanks for the pattern. You brightened my day with this.

Mary Jo/Tampa Doll

Archie and Melissa said...

Good Morning!
I love all of your patterns and always have great fun while making any of your wonderful projects. I just finished your grubs and wanted to share them with you...
Thank you again for the great pattern. My nephews will love them.
:) Melissa

Heather said...

Grubs have never looked so adorable! Fantastic pattern!

Nikka said...

HOMG YEEESH! I have been looking everywhere for free patterns for crochetting! i love to crochet it is one of my greatest hobbies and i love all your patterns! you are so boookmarked!

Anonymous said...

These are so sweet! I made one myself, and he's just adorable! They are such cute little grubs, and they'll squirm their way into your heart!

shebythesea said...

Hi Crochetroo,
I am an Aboriginal Australian artist, crafter and crochet fanatic and I LOVE these little fellas! well done. I too am inspired by the Australian nature especially the sea and am a keen environmentalist like your self.
I have a Blog too, if you are interested in following my online journy too. Thank you for the pattern.