Sunday, February 24, 2008

Frog Beanie for a dorky kid (free crochet pattern)

Since all the rain down here I am hearing frogs again in the garden. Yesterday number 2 son discovered a yucky cane toad in one of the pot plants. I hate those things and haven't seen one for ages. Cane Toads are one of those species that was introduced on purpose in the 1930s to manage the sugar cane beetle, and then took over the State. Apparently the toads couldn't jump high enough, so never effected the beetle population much. They are revolting things, and I remember as a kid stepping on them in the dark on the way to the backyard dunny. I also remember them in the hundreds on the rural roads at night and my dad trying to run over them with the ute.

So these things are not only fugly, they are also poisonous and have no natural predators. The number of native frog species has also been effected since the cane toad arrived on our shores. Here is a really cool link if you are interested in the Cane Toad in Queensland.

My youngest son is a drama student and wanted me to make him a dorky frog hat for a role he was in. He wanted jiggly eyes, so that it would look like a frog peeking out over the bushes. Here is what we came up with: Yep he looks like a dork!

Here is my number 2 son, being a real drongo in it - yep he is an even bigger dork in it.

Here is the pattern for the frog lovers out there. I did this one in a night, as that was about all the warning I had that a frog hat was required for school.....the next day..

Please respect my copyright, and if you do take the pattern how about making one for a charity, and leaving me a comment?

Happy Frogging!

Frog Beanie for a dorky kid.

Note: Australian/ UK terms are first / USA Terms are second = tr/dc
  • 8 ply yarn, worsted weight, double knit or equivalent yarn, hook size 4mm, J6

  • 2 jiggle eyes 4cm / 1½ inches wide

  • Hat measures 19cm/ 7½ high, 54cm/21inches around. Tension: 17tr/dc, 9 rows to 10cm/ 4inches

1. 4ch, slst join into a ring, 3ch, 11tr/dc into ring, slst join to start ch = 12
2. 3ch start, 1tr/dc same st, 2tr/dc each st around, slst join = 24
3. 3ch start, (2tr/dc each next st, 1tr/dc next st) around, slst join = 36
4. 3ch start, 1tr/dc next st, (2tr/dc next st, 1tr/dc each of next 2st) around, slst join = 48
5. 3ch start, 1tr/dc next 2st, (2tr/dc next st, 1tr/dc each of next 3st) around, slst join = 60
6. 3ch start, 1tr/dc each st around, slst join = 60
7. 3ch start, 1tr/dc next 3st, (2tr/dc next st, 1tr/dc each of next 4st) around, slst join = 72
8 - 9. 3ch start, 1tr/dc each st around, slst join = 72
10. 3ch start, 1tr/dc next 4st, (2tr/dc next st, 1tr/dc each of next 5st) around slst join = 84
11 - 15. 3ch start, 1tr/dc each st around, slst join = 84 (alter number of rows to adjust hat height)

Band: work 4 rounds of 1dc/sc into each st. I used black for the second and fourth rounds.

Eyes: make 2
1. 4ch, slst join into a ring, 3ch, 11tr/dc into ring, slst join to start ch = 12
2. 3ch start, 1tr/dc same st, 2tr/dc each st around, slst join = 24
3. 3ch start, 1tr/dc each st around, slst join = 24
4. 3ch start, 1tr/dc next st then 2tr/dctog around = 12 finish off leaving a length of yarn so as to stitch the eye to the head. Stuff each eye firmly, and stitch one to either side of the hat aligned just below round 3 of the beanie.

Hot glue a goggle eye to the centre front of each eye bulb to finish off your frog.

Now you too can look like a dork, or have dorky kids just like me!

© 2008 crochetroo Australia. Do not reproduce pattern by any means. You may use it for personal use, gifts and charity fundraising. This pattern is not to be resold, uploaded to the web. It is ok to use to make items to sell on a small scale, as long as you don't claim the design as your own or sell on the web.


gnathalie2 said...

Thank you soooo much!!! I know lots of dorky kids that i can make this for~ including me!!!

Shelly said...

It doesn't matter how big they get they always wait to the last minute to tell you they need something for school!

I love your hat, and it much cuter then the actual frog. I couldn't image stepping on one of those in the middle of the night! UGH

Rafaela Hübner said...

How cool!!

Very creative... i love it!!

Thank You!!

Laurah said...

Love the frog hat! So cute. Oh, and thanks for the free pattern!

Jessica said...

That hat is fantastic fun! Oh - and those photos of your sons are perfect, just right for giving me a good laugh on a Monday morning :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free pattern.

My 2yo loves to play dress up and this would be the start to an excellent froggy costume. Thankyou so much!!!

Archie and Melissa said...

What a wonderful hat and story. Thanks so much for sharing it!
I love making your creations.
:) Melissa

Unknown said...

Great Hat!

Sorry forgot to put the link in as to where I got it the crochet dementia from. I am fixing that right now.


Angela said...

You ever watch this animated short on cane toads Shaz and Baz? Funny. :)

Tizzalicious said...

Haha, I love the photos, and the hat!

........... said...

Hey you silly little cupcake!

its lizi85 here from Raverly! I finally did it, though i said i wouldn't, and got a Blooger blog!

So here i am known as "The Aussie Hooker".

My boyfriend isint too pleased with the title, but if he understood crocheting he'd get it :P

talk soon, and OH, can i use this pattern please?

Lizi (AH)

Anonymous said...

Perfect!!!! You've saved me weeks of workI have a baby frog hat patten & I've hat a teenager(18) ask me if I can make a bigger one for her.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the free pattern! My 3 year old son has found a new found love of frogs and this is the perfect hat for him for Christmas. My 5 year girl wants one but in pink Once again thank you for sharing this with us

Big Mamma said...

Oh I can't wait to make this for my dorky kids! Thank you!

Carol said...

Hi ,
I love the frogs do you have pattern for this and the kola bear. I tried to get pattern for these two as I did get the baby bonnet what a lovely Idea . These will not be copyright these are for my own use.
E-mail me
Thank - you ever so much
I will even purchase if for sale.Patterns
Carol wilber

Erin said...

This is so cute! I made one for a friend and his new baby so that they can have matching silly hats. Thank you for your great pattern!

kyteler said...

My dorky and frog obsessed 9 year old is very excited to make one of these all by herself :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Making an alien costume for child at school. Have added more eyes and....voila!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not sure if my other comment worked so I am putting this one on (sorry if this bothers you.)

Please could you send me by email a copy of this pattern in an 'easier to read' way. I am a beginner crochet and I have desperately wanted a frog hat for ages now but cant find one anywhere!!! I love this hat, it is just what I am looking for.

I do understand the abbreviations, it's just I do get a bit confused. Could you make it a bit more 'step by step' I tried to change it myself but got confused! =)

I know this may sound a bit pushy but it would be appreciated if you could send me an email.

Thank you.

My email is

Thanks again


Sarah said...

This is great! I have been looking for something kind of silly to make for my guy friend who has been pestering me to make him a hat for ages. I make the eyes and just pinned them on so he can use the hat on a regular basis.


Skylar Murphy said...

My son has been getting a little put off b/c his baby sister is getting so many things made for her. He will be so excited to have one ... He's 5 so it won't be as dorky on him =D thanks

Naomi said...

This beanie is beautiful! I've made 2 for my younger sisters, one in brown (like a bear) and another in your froggy design! :) Thankyou for sharing

Heather said...

Love your patterns, they're great!

Shawn M. Weisser said...

Thanks for this pattern. I'd like to make them for my daughter's roommates at college, they will love these! No problem making and donating extra!