Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

January 26th is Australia Day

Australia Day commemorates the arrival of the Captain Phillip and the First fleet to Australia. It has also been referred to as Invasion Day, as this is the day that the British ignored the rights of the Indigenous people who had been here for centuries.Now the focus is on reconciliation and celebrating all that is great about Australia. Here are a few links. This and Anzac Day (April 25) are probably our two most significant days of the year as a Nation.

Because it is our Summer the Bar B Que and outdoor picnics are very popular. There are festivities in the parks and on the beaches and the Australian of the year awards are announced.

Australia Day also marks the near end of the school holidays as the kids usually go back to school around now.

I usually have a few projects to finish by now as the Christmas holidays are finished. I decided I would also have some Australia Day specials over at my etsy store. I will be listing some special Australia Day packages over the long weekend 26 - 28. Monday is a public holiday.

There is a group of Aussie sellers at etsy with special offers from free tim tams to samples of vegemite. Here are a few stores you might want to take a peek at who are also having Australia Day Celebrations:

Shazzas Knits. Shazza is in Tasmania.

Sheeps clothing in Melbourne

Begurple in Canberra

Peta Pledger also in Melbourne

It has been a strange week with mixed emotions for us down here. There is a double Health Ledger Movie session on TV tonight, in honor of the actor. So sad in a way, but fitting that he be remembered on Australia Day.

To the Aussies out there, bar-b-que hard, to the rest of you freezing, just think of sunshine and wide open spaces and imagine me by the poolside with a cool drink with a little umbrella and a tiny Aussie flag.


Paula Pereira said...

Dei uma passadinha cá pelo cantinho para ver as novidades.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the plug, we all had a lot of fun :)

Wanda Kay said...

Everything is so cute, and I absolutely love the blue roo.

Anonymous said...

I love the little booties you made here. Of course, there isn't much that you design, that does not look cute.

Keep it up,

Mary Jo