Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fan Scarf

I just discovered another clever cookie with a hooky this week who had used my fan book mark pattern to make a scarf. The tension and finish on this is impeccable. I got a real buzz out of reading this blog as well as she has some great projects to share. I cant wait to see how the prairie star afghan turns out.

Just a quick little post as it is so hot and sticky here I haven't been hooking much lately. However I get a buzz out of seeing other peoples projects.

The beach has been fabulous since the rain stopped so I shouldn't complain about the heat. You can see why I am not really thinking scarves at the moment though!

I also got my invite to ravelry this week. Now once I figure how to use flickr I will be set. I must be getting old but I always thought Flicker was a horse.


greenmom said...

Hi Cupcake - Just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are! I'm a fairly new crochet junkie from Northern California. I'm so glad I found your blog - I can't wait to see more of your designs and crochet some myself..... Thanks!

Eseya, Muñecas con historia said...


Your work is beautifull!
I love the koala and group!

Congratulation for your blog!

Jessica said...

Hooray! Another one of my favourite designers has joined the Ravelry community. I've been ravelling since November '06 and I love all the different sections of the site.

Flickr is also a great tool for adding your photos to - you can even insert a slide show from flickr into your blogger blog.

Anonymous said...

hi susan!

sorry about the heat - would you like some of the rain and sleet coming our way tonight? and the cold? its a whopping 19 degrees outside today!

btw the horses name is flicka!
hope things are well

Shelly said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my scarf and the even more wonderful comment on your blog!

I so sorry that it's hot and sticky in your part of the world, as it's cold and windy here, and would love to swap! lol

Also, welcome to the world of Ravelry. It's good to have you aboard.

Ellen Bloom said...

I've been using your fan bookmark pattern for scarves too! Check out here:

leslie said...

Hi... a friendly note to tell you I love your original squares! Also... I lived in Southport for a few months back in the late 80s... and am still homesick for Australia!!!