Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Schrap

I cant believe that is it July! It has been a cold winter here and my posts seem to be fewer as the days are shorter. It has been good crochet weather though.

I have made a heap of these little numbers which I am going to call the Schrap. They are a cross between a shawl, and scarf and a wrap.

The good thing about these is that they work up with minimal yarn. I stumbled across this idea when I accidentally ran out of yarn one day. I have a habit of buying 2 balls of pretty yarn when I see it on sale, with no idea what I am going to make out of it. I am sure I am not alone here!

One or 2 balls usually does it, of cause 3 balls will make it a big larger. My mum in law is an elderly lady, and she finds that scarfs, wraps and shawls, while being cosy, are a bit heavy and hard to manage. You also have bits of crochet fabric hanging about to catch on things or trip you up which is a certain risk for older people with walking frames and wheely walkers.

I hadn't thought of this until my mum in law requested more! It is the neck and shoulders that need the warmth and these are easier to fling on than say a cardigan or coat.

The other benefit is that these are easily stuffed into a hand bag, or a wheelie walker bag. I have made myself a few and they are great for sitting in the air con at the movies. Because the fabric is loose I pull one corner through the holes to secure it. This is a green one she requested to go with her green things.

The patterns I use are very simple, and a lot like some shawl patterns about. I keep the stitches very basic as the effect is in the yarn.

Yarn is one of those pretty sparkly yarns or ribbon type yarns with the holes in it. I also use a large hook - 6 - 7mm, so they work up pretty quickly.

They need to be lacy to remain fairly light and stretchy.

Instructions for a Schrap

These instructions are written in Australian/British terminology. If you are used to US terms you need to translate: tr = dc, dc = sc.

4ch slst in a ring

1. 3ch, into ring work 1tr 1ch, (3tr 2ch 3tr) this will become the point, 1ch 2tr turn.

2. 3ch 1tr into top of first st, 1ch 3tr into ch sp, 1ch, (3tr 2ch 3tr) into next sp, 1ch, 3tr next sp, 1ch, 2tr top of last st, turn.

3. 3ch 1tr into top of first st, 1ch, * 3tr into ch sp, 1ch* along side to corner work (3tr 2ch 3tr) 1ch, then repeat * - 8 along side, finish with 2tr in top of last st.

Repeat row 3 but make one extra (3tr 1ch) along each side.

If you want it lacy work (2tr 3ch) in place of the (3tr 1ch)

I usually do about 20 - 24 rows .

For a an even lacier effect, I use less tr/dc. Sorry these are hard to photograph, but hopefully the picture gives you a bit of an idea.

4ch slst in a ring

1. 4ch, into ring work 1tr 1ch, 1tr, 2ch (this will become the point), 1 ch 1tr 1ch 1tr turn.

2. 4ch 1tr into first space, 1ch, 1tr next sp, 1ch, (1tr 1ch, 1tr 2ch 1tr 1ch 1tr ) into next sp, 1ch, 1tr next sp, 1ch, 1 tr next sp, 1ch, 1tr top of last st, turn.

Repeat row 2 but make 1 extra (1tr 1ch) along each side than in the previous row. The trick is to mark your point in each row and to count that the number of tr/dc are the same along each side. It is easy to go wonky in the first few rows.

I have fun experimenting with the different yarns to see what works best.

To finish off I sometimes do one round of 3 or 4ch, 1dc in the spaces, and add tassels if I have any extra yarn left over. The tassels are pieces of yarn cut at 30cm or 12 inches, fold in half and loop through the corners. They add a touch of variety to the wardrobe.

Thanks for looking. Someone said these would be good to donate to aged care facilities as a change from the usual afghan, lapghan. I tend to agree as they are functional and quite pretty.

I was also thinking a little card with the words:

"Here is a schrap to wrap you in love" would be nice.

I hope you have fun creating your Schraps! These instructions haven't been tested so if they need a tidy up, please let me know.

(c) crochetroo 2007 Pattern not to be reproduced or sold. Finished schraps not to be resold. Make as many as you want to donate to friends, rellies or charities.


Anonymous said...

i love the idea of a scharp;fun fur yarn looks perfect for it hard to run an esty store? I would like to open one,but wonder if its doable...Emilie;worcester,ma.U.S.A.

Kiki said...

Gorgeous schraps Cupcake! I especially love the one made with the ribbon yarn. Thanks for making the pattern available!

tami and todd said...

Hey send some of that cold weather this way... I'm melting just when I open my door cause it's so hot here in the states! Anyways, You have been making lovely shawls! I am amazed that you have the patience to work with that "yarn", it frustrates me so much... but it makes that shawl look so elegant!

Anonymous said...

It is so funny to hear you talk about cold weather, when we are just starting to swelter.

Cool scarf. I like the green one also.

Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Fidgement here! This is a terrific idea for the elderly. It could also work for any good will programs to. Thank you for posting the pattern and for the idea.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million times over thanks!

I love the Schap and plan to make at least several. Want one or two or three for myself, and some for others to gift and to donate.

What a lovely idea!

Gail E aka the Stitch 'n Frog

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pattern. Will make several of these, one for myself, one for my mother and some for giving, take care

DaCraftyLady said...

fantastic I am going to make soem for my Red Hats group...thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Love the "Schrap". I just made one for myself & in the last 2rows I added along w/my yarn some eylash yarn. Really dressed it up. Thanx for the patterns. I plan on making more for "prayer shawls". As you said these would be great for the elderly & anyone else that would like a little something for warmth around their neck & shoulder area.

Blessings; Penny from USA/Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

I just found this pattern and I love it!! Thanks for making it available. I am an instant gratification knitter/crocheter and this will satisfy that in me! My MIL will probably get one of these for Christmas.


christine said...

I have made the Schrap for my Auntie who is in hospital. I made it to 30 rows and it is a good size. I can't wait to give it to her.
I wanted to send you a photo but there is no email address that I can send it to. So if you want a photo can you send me your email address so I can do so. I made it in Carnival Baby Soft 8ply and used a 6.5mm hook. I get this wool from Big W. It took around 400grms. as I used an 800grm. ball of wool. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. Christine from Glen Oak NSW.