Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas is a coming.....

It is Remembrance day here - November the 11th, Lest We Forget. I had my minutes silence and remembered my grandfather and father in law who both served in the second World War. Both were men of substance, ANZACs who have now left us. I will never forget them.

The next big event down under is Christmas. When I was at the post office last week they had a sign up "52 days till Christmas". EEK I thought, that leaves me with about 50 days t make stuff!

Every year I try and make as many gifts as I can. I like things that I can include with the cooked goodies I bake. My favourite recipes are ginger bread men, rum balls, and chocolate brownies. Last year I did a heap of pot holders and kitchen towels so this year I thought I would try something new.

So here are my table toppers. A selection of Christmas themed coasters and napkin rings. They work up quick and are nice and festive.

I was thinking today that I might work some of the coasters in thread ans a smaller hook to make some appliques for the hand towels and serviettes.

When it comes to setting the Christmas Table I am a bit obsessional. I always like lots of decoration and bling! I reckon there is no such thing as too many Christmas Lights or too many ornaments.

So this is what the neighbours and friends are getting with their baked goodies this year: a set of Christmas Coasters. Because it is our summer we drink quite a lot at Christmas. There is always a bowl of punch, some chilled wine, beer and soft drinks. As a kid Christmas was the only time of the year we had soft drink. I remember the glass bottle of orange and lime and rasberry on my Nana's Christmas table. It is funny the things we remember that made us feel good as a kid.

I have written up the patterns for the Table Toppers including the coasters and napkin rings. These have been tested by some very kind people, and the patterns are available at my etsy store for anyone interested.

I am predicting a very home made Christmas this year with all the toy recalls. That is great for the crafters and should keep everyone busy!

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Xialle said...

You have some beautiful work! Just found your site and so glad I did. I love your animal casserole holders.....and the daisy chain hat is adorable. Love your style!

Jessica said...

Those are very pretty coasters/napkin rings... I just love Christmas crochet motifs.

This year I set myself the task of making most of the decorations for our Christmas tree (will be my first proper tree in many years!) and your motifs have given me some new ideas to try!

Rachel Rae said...

I really like the green and white ball ornaments, I am working on some wacky wreath ornaments myself...

Archie and Melissa said...

I love your work! Your ornaments are so festive!

betty2dogs said...

I agree with you - never too many lights or ornaments. I love your design sense! It's like my grandma's green alligator crocheted soap holder [to scent your clothes drawers] but fresh and modern. Time to get my hooks out - you inspired me.

Unknown said...

I really love your work... found your site in my research for brooch and I´am so glad that i did.

I am Portuguese and i love crochet... you can visit me