Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cute Fruit Finished!

Well this fruit took me sooo long to write up an test and photograph etc if it were real it would have been rotten fruit!

I do feel a sense of accomplishment though as I started this lot before Christmas last year. The embarrassing thing is that we have come full cycle and the fruit is back in the shops.

This is what we call Christmas fruit as it adorns our tables in our Summer.

This fabulous looking avocado was worked by one of my wonderful testers. She had much better colours of green in the US than I have here in Australia. The avo is whole, as well as the two cut halves. One of my greatest kitchen fears is cutting myself when I try and remove the avocado seed. There are a heap of avocado farms not far from here so they are usually quite plentiful.

Here is the kiwi fruit - whole and cut.

The stone fruit is particularly colourful and making these is a bit of fun. There are peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums and cherries. I am thinking that I might attach a few of these bits of fruit to the Christmas garland this year for something a bit different. I might also do a few to put in the Christmas stockings for the MIL and SILS.

I have decided though that the grapes are a health hazard. My testers and I nearly went nutty making them. You need to have a certain level of OCD to crochet a bunch of grapes. Give me cherries any day!

They do look good as a part of the bowl. The patterns are now on my etsy store.

I just had to post these as now they are finished I really like them a lot. I have seen some amigurumi fruit around with faces worked on. I am a bit traditional and think that looks a bit silly, but I guess if you want faces on your fruit then you can add them.

Yep I am a show off, but these have really been one of those things that seem to have taken me forever to finalise. I think because I kept adding more fruit to the bowl. My son reckons I now need a pineapple but I am not sure I am up to it!

I am now working on some scrapbuster projects which I will put the patterns up for free when I finish them. These are quick little projects for using up odds and ends of scrap yarn.

Our Summer has truly hit here and we have had stinking hot days, and wild thunder and lightening storms at night. My days of crochet will start to slow as I spend more time outdoors and around the pool. I have the snugly uglies out to test and a few Christmas projects in the wind.

Thanks for looking

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please don't nick my photos. I know they are pretty but they belong to me ;o))


Anonymous said...

These blogs do not have guest books. I just wanted to stop and acknowledge as you requested at top of blog. I got your link via Crochetville.

Thanks for being a presence on the WWW.

Lesalicious said...

Ha omg that is oh so cute. great job:)

Anonymous said...

Bellísimos trabajos. No puedo comunicarme en inglés, pero no puedo dejar de dejarte mi saludo.
Barcelona, Spain.

Dragonflymom said...

Really cute fruit! Great job on them.

Tathy e Bya said...

Lindo seu blog!!! adorei!! beijocas, Tathy

blueyes_crochet said...

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Anonymous said...

I love your fruit, but I think the
kiwi looks a little like an
avocado, with the large pit.
I eat kiwis--don't they have little
seeds and no pits?
Also, I'm glad that you tried to
retain the UGG name in Australia.
I own a pair and love them. These are a specialty Aussie product--
may they remain so. My Australian
quilting friend lives on a sheep
station in WA, near Sandstone.
I would love to purchase a copy of
your Ugg pattern; does it come in
adult sizes? My teens would love
these and I could make them to
fit all of our big feet.
I am living in Israel right now--we
recently had a troup of Australians here to reenact a famous battle. Perhaps you read
about it in your own newspapers.
Respectfully, Succah Schiffman

crochetroo said...

Succah so nice of you to leave a comment. The large pit is the avocado. The kiwi is the third picture on the page.

Mistress Valentine said...

Hi! I love your fruit they all look so good! I am in the process of making a -large- bowl of foods. Would you be willing to trade patterns?

email me!

gossemerwings said...

Hi from Brooklyn~ NY! I belong to an MSN online crochet group, and many of the members use your patterns, and one of the girls just posted your site, and boy~ am I glad I found it!
You do beautiful work, I'm crocheting since I'm about 6, and I'm 49 now, and I have made all kinds of projects, from hats and scarves, blankets, sweaters, ponchos, doillies, baby wear and toys, and I've taught children, adults, and I'm now teaching seniors, and I simply LOVE your fruit!!!
I didn't see a price on your pattern for this, unless I'm not looking in the right spot, can you tell me how much the pattern is? Thanks so much for your beautiful work, God bless your hands, much love~ Dora :)

Anonymous said...

I think your fruit are very cute - good idea! :)

Krealene said...

Hey Crochetroo, here Holland, here Marlene...I am fond of yr weblog and esp the things you crochet.....is it possible to share the avacadopattern with me...I have a friend in Childers, who has an avocadofarm and I would love to surprise her.....
from Holland with love,