Friday, May 26, 2006

Tea cosy

I am mad on the good old cup of tea. The perfect remedy for any situation. Always tastes better in a teacup with a saucer.

Has to be brewed in a pot, and the pot has to have a tea cosy.

I have been making these tea cosies for yonks. Funny how you have a pattern in the old noggon, which seems so simple, but writing it down on paper takes a whole new dimension. I do like this pattern as it is so simple once you get the hang of it, and looks so effective in different colours.

I have had my instructions tested by some very kind crochetmates, and now all I need to do is tidy it up a bit. I know some folks are keen to get their hands on this, but I am new to this pattern game and it does involve a bit of effort... so while you wait, put the billy on and make a brew.


blondebabypeaches said...

I cant wait to try it - Ive been eyeing that thread with great hope that it will come soon - purplepeaches from crochetville.

KK said...

I personally cannot wait for you to finish this pattern! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

I know how you feel about writing something down that's been in your head for ages. I do that with some of my recipes. Someone asks me, how did you make that? And I am like, um, I don't know, I added, this, and this, and that, oh wait, was that in there? And don't ever ask me for amounts! LOL

Samantha said...

Thank you for sharing this. I want to make one soon:)

Bel said...

OOhh I love it!!

didn't realise you were from the gold coast!! (more like the cold coast at the moment, I'm freezing!).

Thanks for the pattern, going to have a ball with it!


Anonymous said...

I must say the cozy's are just beautiful I love them
Wish I knew how to make them your work and colors are wonderful

GaiL Lee

Sônia Maria said...

Adorei seu blog.
Tudo muito lindo.
Parabens e Sucesso
Sonia Maria

Anonymous said...

Love the cosy. Am on morning tea at work and we have to follow a theme. I have to do Mad Hatters Tea Party and a couple of your tea cosies will definitely brighten up the table. Thanks from Bunbury, Western Australia

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! My BFF would be SO ELATED to get one of these for Christmas.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. What a great Blog, and your crochet work is beautiful. Some of your other patterns are really beautiful as well! I am located in So. California, so it is not too surprising to get creative help from your area. Many of my Dollmaking friends are from Australia. So, THANKS again for being so sharing.

Becky said...

I am going ot make this - however, could you tell me what you mean by "miss" a certain # of chains? I have not run across this term before and am not sure what I am to do.

lina said...

thank you so much for these patterns i love to crochet and i also have a goffin and a yellow front amazone, please tell me how to print the patterns
thank you so much in advance